16 interesting facts about millionaires

16 interesting facts about millionaires - which will probably set you on the right path, so we read, miss and draw conclusions ...

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1. Many rich people do not advise others to stay in institutions for a long time. Millionaires who "made themselves" without daddy's inheritance, as a rule, did not advance beyond the 2nd year of the university. No millionaire club will ask you for a higher education diploma.

2. Smart millionaires prefer to marry one woman and live with her all their lives. Because left-wing hobbies are exhausting morally and financially, and God forbid, the new lady of the heart will not like something - she can sue and sue part of the capital.

3. There are more and more millionaires in China who have no time to find a life partner. It is for such busy rich people that a special cruise is organized, where they are looking for a suitable girlfriend.

About 50 people board the cruise ship, and more than half of them have a fortune of more than $ 20 million. Enviable brides await millionaires on the ship: carefully selected girls who dream of a happy and rich family life.

4. Statistics: more than 35% of millionaires work hard - about 45 - 55 hours a week (for comparison: an ordinary hard worker works about 40 hours a week).

5. The Scots are considered the most economical and efficient among millionaires, and no one can explain why. Well, and the greatest spenders-millionaires are Russian oligarchs.

6. Russian immigrants make up only 6% of the total number of American millionaires. But on average, Russians are six times more likely to become millionaires than Americans.

7. As the study found, the heads of those families become millionaires where there is not only a strict family budget, but also strict control over expenses. Most millionaires said that they spend a lot of time planning their financial future.

8. In Russia, the USA and Europe, millionaires are treated differently. Our main source of information about millionaires is still anecdotes about the “new Russians”, all sorts of compromising evidence, as well as beautiful stories about how you can chicly spend money that has come from nowhere.

9. In America, the main principle is: “If you know someone with money, do not envy or conflict with him. Better yet, try to earn money yourself, for example, by selling something to a rich man. "

10. True millionaires never bother with their children. The only thing that the rich do not skimp about their children is education. No super-expensive toys, performance of whims and other things - children should become worthy successors of the family business.

11. Millionaires prefer not to buy too large houses. It is believed that a large house is, firstly, terrible expenses for utilities, secondly, you will have to pay a lot to servants for cleaning and, thirdly, in Europe it is simply indecent.

12. 50% of American millionaires buy cars for no more than $ 25, 000. 20% of millionaires have never bought a car for more than $ 20, 000. And more than a third of American millionaires have a steady craving for used cars.

13. Successful millionaires rarely strive to get into the circle of high aristocracy. They prefer not to join any clubs at all, because they have to pay membership fees everywhere and shell out for charity.

14. In our country, absolutely all current millionaires have made their own fortunes. In the world, this category of millionaires is 80% and only about 20% of the rich have inherited millions.

15. In the West, the most expensive assistant of millionaires is a psychoanalyst. Of course, psychoanalyst fees are kept secret, but it is known, for example, that psychoanalyst Robert De Niro and several famous oligarchs recently bought the eighth house.

16. The portrait of the average millionaire turned out to be like this. This is a 57-year-old man. He is married and has three children. About half of the wives of millionaires around the world work. Moreover, the most popular profession among them is a teacher.