The Dirtiest Things in the House (Interesting Facts)

The dirtiest things in the house - interesting facts will reveal the secret who is the most, if you are wondering what household items are the dirtiest of all? If so, the experts did not waste their precious time and conducted an analysis to find out. A very unexpected statement was that ordinary foam sponges, with which we are used to washing dishes, are two hundred thousand times dirtier than a toilet seat. There is also an amazing fact about the toilet - it is considered one of the cleanest places in the home!

Scientists also voiced rather terrible news that a large number of pathogenic microbes "live" on the sponges, which can easily cause a variety of diseases, including paralysis.

It is estimated that there are ten million bacteria per 2.5 cm of kitchen foam sponge. Well, on a doormat - about a million.

Due to the above not happy factors, it is strongly recommended to wash kitchen sponges as often as possible, as well as all towels and napkins in the food unit. For best disinfection, it is recommended to do this at 60 degrees machine wash. It is also allowed to process them in a microwave oven.

Do not neglect regular cleaning of kitchen work surfaces. It is advisable to do this with special antibacterial wipes, as well as wash your hands with soap while preparing food.

And finally, one more top: