18 unusual facts that will blow your mind

18 unusual facts that will blow your mind with their unusualness. We read in general ...

1.98, 4% of girls decide to go on a diet after they have a hearty meal.

2. Parthenophobia is the fear of virgins.

3. $ 207 million in cash was seized in a house in Mexico City during a search that was initiated in search of drugs. The police were shocked, many were crying.

4. Victor Lustig is the only fraudster in the world who managed to sell the Eiffel Tower for "scrap"! And the only one who succeeded TWICE! Both times in 1925.

5. If the number 111 111 111 is multiplied by itself, then you get an equally interesting number - 12 345 678 987 654 321.

6. The English mathematician Abraham de Moivre once discovered in his old age that his sleep time increased by 15 minutes a day. Having compiled an arithmetic progression, he determined the date when it would reach 24 hours - November 27, 1754. On this day he died.

7.A baby panda weighs less than a mouse at birth.

8. It is impossible to die from two fright "half to death."

8 In Scotland, there is a bridge over a waterfall called Overtown, which is notorious for its frequent suicide by dogs. Since the 1950s, at intervals of about once a month, a dog has jumped from a bridge into the water, and almost always this ends in the death of the animal. Some dogs that jumped and survived come here and jump off the bridge again.

9. Such jumps are more "popular" among breeds with long noses. To this day, no one can convincingly explain the reason for this behavior of dogs.

10. Albert Einstein's brain was stolen after his death.

11. There is a lake in the USA called Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagunamaugg.

12. Dogs of the African breed "Basenji" do not know how to bark.

13. Strawberries are a nut, and the red pulp that everyone loves to eat is actually the stalk.

14. Studies by Japanese scientists have proven that if a woman listens to a recorded crying of a baby for 1 week, her breasts will grow by 2.87 cm.

15. Adhesive tape glued to frosted frosted glass makes it transparent.

16. You can't buy a chocolate egg in the USA. There is a law that prohibits putting inedible items into food.

17. One of the largest Goldfish in the world was caught in a lake in the south of France. A giant carp weighing 15 kilograms with orange scales.

18 the strongest liquor in the world has a strength of 190% (95% alcohol) and is called Everclear