Exciting facts of coincidence history

The fascinating facts of the history of coincidences that happened with an extraordinary similarity that this is a simple coincidence or even something else is up to you)

Napoleon - Hitler

Napoleon was born in 1760.

Hitler was born in 1889.

(difference 129 years)

Napoleon came to power in 1804.

Hitler came to power in 1933.

(difference 129 years)

Napoleon entered Vienna in 1812.

Hitler entered Vienna in 1941.

(difference 129 years)

Napoleon lost the war in 1816.

Hitler lost the war in 1945.

(difference 129 years)

Both came to power when they were 44 years old.

Both attacked Russia when they were 52 years old.

Both lost the war when they were 56 years old.

Lincoln - Kennedy

Lincoln was born in 1818.

Kennedy was born in 1918.

(100 years difference)

Lincoln became President of the United States in 1860.

Kennedy became President of the United States in 1960.

(100 years difference)

Both were killed on Friday. Both in the presence of their wives. Both were shot in the head.

Lincoln was killed at the Kennedy Theater. Kennedy was killed in a Lincoln car

Shortly before his death, Lincoln visited the town of Monroe, Maryland; Kennedy had an affair with Marilyn Monroe shortly before his death.

Both are southerners. Both are Democrats.

Before becoming presidents, both were US senators.

John Wilkes Booth, who shot Lincoln, was born in 1839.

Lee Harvey Oswald, who shot Kennedy, was born in 1939.

(100 years difference)

Both names in English spelling (John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald) consist of 15 letters.

Booth escaped from the theater and was captured in the attic. Oswald fled from the attic, he was arrested at the theater.

Lincoln's successor after the assassination is Johnson.

Kennedy's successor after the assassination is Johnson.

First, Andrew Johnson was born in 1808.

Second, Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908.

(100 years difference)

Such mysterious, even, one might say, mystical coincidences make you shudder and think that we live in a world where nothing happens by chance, and all events are planned in advance by the Higher Forces ... Having carefully looked at the dates that mysteriously fill our life, you can notice how we walk through the labyrinths of fate, which spins in a spiral, each time introducing new strangeness into life.

Having carried out a short calculation, one can notice that soon world history will be replenished with two big names, the same as Hitler and Kennedy, or Lincoln and Napoleon ...

Considering that the difference between the births of Napoleon and Hitler is 129 years, and between the dates of birth of Lincoln and Kennedy - a century, it is possible to predict the birth of the following personalities of a similar magnitude.

Hitler was born, as mentioned above, in 1889. We add 129 years and we get 2018, which means that this is the year of birth of the next Napoleon-Hitler. But this is not the most interesting, I dare say that this year will be the beginning of a more significant event, since the next Lincoln Kennedy will be born in the same year! Since Kennedy was born in 1918. Add 100 to this number and see the already familiar 2018. All other dates can be derived from this: the future Kennedy will come to power in 2060, followed by the future Napoleon in 2062. You can also calculate all other significant dates. Of course, this simple mathematics does not predict anything, but who knows ... Maybe this pattern should not go unnoticed ...

Here's another:

In 1838, the American writer Edgar Poe wrote The Adventure Tale of Arthur Gordon Pym. It tells how, after a shipwreck, four survivors found themselves on the high seas. Driven to despair by hunger, three of them kill and eat the fourth. In the book, his name is Richard Parker. In 1884 the ship "Magnonette" is shipwrecked. The four survivors, like the heroes of Edgar Poe, ended up in the same boat. After many days of wandering across the sea, mad with hunger, three kill and eat the fourth. The name of this fourth turned out to be Richard Parker.

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