Interesting facts about various inventions

Interesting facts about various inventions - which may not have been known, but now there will be a chance to correct)

Well, let's start:

1. The term "horsepower" was coined in 1789 to measure the number of horses capable of equivalently replacing the operation of a steam engine.

2. The webcam should thank the coffee for its invention. After all, the first webcam was turned on in 1991 in the computer laboratory of the University of Cambridge and the purpose of its creation was to monitor the coffee maker in order to determine in time that the coffee maker was running out of grain.

3. Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, is also the inventor of the tricycle.

4. The first flush toilet was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci. He was struck by the stench of Paris and offered this advanced invention to the king. But the king was fine with everything and Leonardo's offer was rejected.

5. The microwave was invented by accident. During World War II, this technology was used in early warning radars. And the benefits of the technology to society were discovered when the radar melted a chocolate bar in the pocket of an officer who was close to the radar.

6. Square toe shoes were invented because of the French king Charles VIII. He had custom-made shoes with a square toe. he had six toes.

7. For a time, Henry Ford made composite materials from marijuana and considered this plant very promising.

8. The first exercise machine for "pumping up" muscles was invented in Sweden, and the first buyers of it were the Russian royal family.

9. Velcro was invented by Georges de Mistrala while he was pulling the burdock out of his dog's fur.

10. The stethoscope was invented by the French doctor Rene Laennec only because he was uncomfortable putting his ear to the chest of busty ladies

11. Even bread was invented by mistake 7, 500 years ago. Then one Egyptian accidentally forgot a mixture of flour and water for the night in an uncooled oven.

12. Australian lawyer John Cao patented the wheel in 2001. Thus, he pointed to the gaps in the Australian Patent Office.

As a bonus, there are several incomprehensible inventions: