What unites all people on the planet? (Facts from life)

What unites all people on the planet? - these are facts from life that everyone has met and went through.

A selection of 10 facts.

1. An item that is inherent in every person, without exception. It's a lie. Any person at least once in his life, even if not seriously, but deceived. If a person assures you that he has never deceived, he is doing it right now in front of you.

2. Honorable second place is ... masturbation. Every first person on our planet from 20 years at least once in his life, but masturbated. And again, anyone who tells you that they have never masturbated will automatically fall under the first point of our parade.

3rd place goes to fantasies ... Fantasies about sex with your own sex. And again, every first person from 20 years old at least once, but imagined himself in same-sex sex. And again - everyone who refuses will fall under the 1st point.

4. We give this place to nails! Every first person from 10 years old at least once, but chewed his nails.

5th place goes to cigarettes. Statistics show that in the 21st century, almost every first person has tried these "death sticks" at least once.

6th place is taken by mat. Each of us utters at least 200 obscene words in our life. And for some individuals, 200 mats are pronounced only a day!

7th place goes to chewing gum. Chewing gum has been with us for 142 years! Our planet chews almost 100 tons of chewing gum per day. Everyone, starting from 15 years old, at least once, has tasted the taste of sweet gum. For reference: in 100% of the major cities of our planet, there are at least 50 thousand chewing gum on earth.

8th place gets tea! According to statistics, since the 19th century, every first person on earth has drunk at least 1 cup of this drink.

9th place captures the dance! Any person, even the most callous one, at least once indulged in the magic of dance!

10. Last but not least is money. At the moment, according to world statistics, almost 100% of the world's population has money nearby. It doesn't matter - 5000 rubles or 1 kopeck. The main thing is that any person on our planet, at least once, entered the world money turnover, investing their money there.