Common superstitions and their origins (Interesting)

Common superstitions and their origins - I think it will be interesting for everyone, since you have heard this many times, they say, do not do it, do not do it, after that do not do it in short, bullshit, but still it is worth knowing what they want from you. Yes, and personally from me: "Whoever believes in that and comprehends this", so we think positively)

1. Can't do anything on Friday the 13th

The belief in the terrible day, Friday the 13th, supposedly came from a loose interpretation of the Old Testament. Allegedly, it was on this day that Cain killed his brother Abel. Over time, this legend has acquired a huge amount of speculation, turning the number 13 into a terrible sign of misfortune and misfortune.

2. It is impossible to transmit anything through the threshold

The thing is that in ancient times, the ashes of ancestors were stored under the threshold of a house, and it was considered extremely dangerous to disturb them by passing something across the threshold.

That is why it is impossible to sit on the threshold, which is still considered the border between two worlds - a safe home and a hostile world, or even worse - the world of the living and the world of the dead.

3. Can't go back half way

This superstition is also connected with the threshold and precisely with its function of the border between the worlds. Not having achieved the goal, a person returns home weakened, and it is on the threshold-border that anything can await him - from the spirits of ancestors insulted by unnecessary anxiety, to entities dreaming of infiltrating our world.

4. You cannot gift watches

Even now, in our enlightened age, such a gift as a watch is considered undesirable. Why is that?

This belief came to us from China, where it is believed that receiving a watch as a gift is considered an invitation to a funeral.

5. You cannot celebrate forty years

Presumably, this is due to the fact that even in Kievan Rus it was customary to "check the dead" for incorruptibility, and in the 17th century the period by which the incorruptibility of relics was determined was set at 40 days.

6. You cannot immediately leave the house, but you need to "sit down on the path"

This sign is based on the ancient belief of people in good and evil spirits that rule the world. It was believed that home spirits cling to a person, interfering with him on the road and trying to return him back, which means there will be no good road. Sitting down before a long journey, the spirits can be deceived - they will think that no one is going anywhere, and they will lose their vigilance.

7. Can't eat from the knife

The knife was considered not only an instrument of labor, but also an instrument of protection - both from real dangers and from all kinds of evil spirits. Such an important magical item demanded a special attitude towards itself, and was used only after carrying out special rituals. To eat from him meant to anger the spirits, which make a person evil and aggressive.

In addition, in this way you can cut yourself corny.

8. You cannot pick up anything at the intersection

It is believed that if you "transfer" a disease or misfortune to some thing, and throw it out at an intersection, evil spirits will take it away. It is in order not to pick up other people's troubles, and it is not worth picking up anything at the intersections, because the more expensive the thing found there, the more serious the trouble or illness brought to it.

9. You cannot walk in one shoe

This sign was observed at all times. Old people say that if a person allows himself to walk in one shoe or one slipper, then he becomes an orphan very early.

10. Do not take out trash after sunset

This is probably the most popular omen among men. In principle, everyone knows it, but not everyone knows its roots.

It is believed that if you take out the trash after sunset, gossip will circulate about you, and this is not surprising - what joy would it be to take something out of the house under cover of darkness? After all, the neighbors are vigilant and will not hesitate to discuss why you hide your garbage so much. They also say that by taking out the garbage at night, you take money out of the house, but this absolutely defies logical explanation.