Interesting facts about dreams (14 facts)

Interesting facts about dreams 14 facts that you may know, but still worth repeating.

1. All people have dreams. Even if it seems to you that you do not see them. A person may simply not remember dreams.

2. Only those born blind do not dream. Their dreams are limited to smell, sound, touch, emotion, and taste. Those who are blinded after birth, like everyone else, have dreams.

3. In a dream, we see the faces of only those people whom we have seen in life. We may not know and remember them, but we have already seen them.

4. Within five minutes after waking up, a person can remember about half of what he saw in a dream. Then, only a tenth.

5. About 12% of people see exclusively black and white dreams. Among those under 25, this percentage is even lower - 4.4%.

6. The number of those who see colored dreams is increasing every day. Scientists are confident that this is due to the transition from black and white to color television.

7. Dreams are symbolic. If you persistently dream of something, in a dream you will definitely be given a sign.

8. Most often, dreams show negative rather than positive emotions.

9. The most popular emotional state in sleep is anxiety.

10. Chaotic (at first glance) eye movement during sleep takes about a quarter of our total sleep time.

11. External factors can influence our dreams. For example, a neighbor's singing behind a wall can move you in a dream to a concert hall.

12. Men see in dreams about 70% of men, while in women the proportion of "men-women" is approximately equal.

13. Almost 2/3 of people have experienced déjà vu based on dreams.

14. Animals also dream.