The largest car in the world (Auto photo fact)

Automotive photo fact and the largest vehicle in the world today is the German Liebherr T 282B dump truck. It weighs 222 tons. To get into the cockpit, the driver has to climb a staircase of 16 steps.

Caterpillar 797B with a gross weight of almost 624 tons, is capable of taking on board 345 tons of cargo. The power unit of the Caterpillar 797B is amazing: 24 cylinders, 117 liters of displacement, 3550 horsepower and 16, 000 Nm of torque! Caterpillar 797B boasts several records: largest engine; the largest transmission, the largest maximum speed - almost 68 km / h; the most capacious fuel tank - 6800 liters.

BelAZ - maximum carrying capacity is 320 tons, gross vehicle weight is 560 tons. As a power unit at BelAZ, an 18-cylinder V-shaped Cummins QSK78-C turbodiesel with a volume of 77.6 liters is used. The rated power of the engine is 3546 horsepower, the torque is 13771 Nm. The maximum speed of the car is 64 km / h., The average fuel consumption per hour is 500-550 liters of diesel fuel per hour.