Interesting Facts About Scopolamine (Devil's Breath)

Interesting facts about Scopolamine, whose second name is "Breath of the Devil". It is a very dangerous drug and has a reputation as one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. The name comes from the "Borrachero" tree which grows in South America.

Information and Wikipedia:

Scopolamine, an alkaloid of the tropane group, widespread in plants (mainly in leaves) of the Solanaceae family (belladonna, black henbane, dope, etc.), as well as in the rhizome of scopolia. In terms of chemical properties and physiological activity, it is close to atropine.

Why is this drug dangerous? the danger lies in the fact that its effect contributes to the erasure of human memory; after acceptance, those who accepted it do not remember what happened after they consumed it.

By asking on the streets of Colombia about the drug scopolamine by the name of Devil's Breath, you can easily get a lot of information from the residents. This drug is so named because by taking only one breath, you can become obsessed with it. The drug has a powerful effect on memory and no one really knows why this is happening.

It is noted that a person under his influence became supposedly psychic slaves, who without word for word fulfilled what he said. This led to a heinous crime that was caused in the form of rape, murder. In fact, some of the stories that are associated with this drug are that people actually donated their organs or gain access to a complete stranger from their bank accounts under its influence.

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