The story of a woman who carried a child of 46

This story began in 1955. Zara Abutalib, as it was supposed to be due to her gestational age, lost water. The woman went to the hospital. And there, right in front of her eyes, a woman in labor died, who underwent a cesarean section. Zara was so scared that she ran home.

In Moroccan culture, there is a belief that a child can live in the womb for a long time in order to protect her honor. Zara believed sacredly in the myth of the "sleeping baby".

Zara walked with the child in her womb for over 40 years, until unbearable abdominal pains forced her to consult a doctor. In the maternity ward, the "sleeping baby" was found using ultrasound. It turned out that it was an ectopic pregnancy.

Usually, an ectopic pregnancy ends in abortion or premature birth, as it poses a serious threat to the life of the mother. But Zara's "sleeping child" for some unknown reason was taken by the woman's body as a kind of additional organ.