The story of the real Crocodile Dundee

Rod Ansell is an Australian adventurer whose adventures have become the basis of the popular television comedy. Only few people know that in reality there was no place for a good ending to the story.

The 21-year-old blue-eyed blonde led the monotonous and humble life of a herder. He lived in northern Australia, hunted and did not complain about anything, living in aboriginal society.

One spring, and this was in 1977, he took a boat, two bull terrier dogs and went to the Fitzmaurice River. The guy warned his friends in advance that the return was planned no earlier than in a few months. He was an excellent buffalo hunter.

From a hunter to a potential victim

At the point where the river flows into the sea, Ansell's motorboat was attacked by a crocodile. Death was avoided only because the predator was not very accurate. Despite the fact that the boat remained intact, and the dogs and people were not injured, the equipment was not preserved in full. Rod had a carbine, some canned food, only one paddle and a mattress.

The family found itself in a terrible situation: before the settlement of people, as well as the source of fresh water, there were several hundred kilometers. The Bushman had to drift along the river surface, meeting the tides of the sea. They had to quench their thirst with the blood of killed crocodiles.

In order not to become food for the crocodile myself, I had to sleep on a tree. One not too good day, a 5-meter monster jumped out of the river onto Roda. The hunter managed to survive only thanks to the ability to shoot well and hit the target from the first shot. The head of the slain crocodile became Rod's trophy.

Only 2 months later, Ansella was found by a company consisting of farmer Luke McCall and two Aboriginal shepherds.

What was the true Dundee

What Ansell had to endure is known only from his words, which are perceived by many Australians as fiction. The clan, who did not want to irritate his mother, shared his misadventures only with friends. But the story accidentally got into the ears of journalists, who made a report in which Ansell was equated with Robinson Crusoe.

Rod became the hero of a 1979 documentary entitled "Fighting the Wild." In 1980, he was invited to co-authors a book in which he says that he was more thirsty than the inaccessibility of the fair sex.

Bushman has become a famous person. The comedy, based on his story, is titled "Dundee, nicknamed" Crocodile ". The main role in it went to Paul Hogan. The film grossed $ 330 million.

The episodes of the picture repeated the behavior of Rod, who first appeared in the city. When the book was presented in Sydney, Ansell was settled in a five-star hotel, where he lay down to sleep in a sleeping bag and was very surprised to see a bidet. In the studio where the TV program was filmed, the bushman appeared without shoes, picked up a coin from the floor with his teeth and fervently did push-ups, resting on one hand, which delighted the audience.

Life as a star

Being mega-popular, Ansell started a family and rented land located east of Darwin (the capital of northern Australia). He named the site "Tea tree". The man planned to build a house with his wife and engage in cattle breeding. But they had to live in a tent, and they had to use a walkie-talkie to communicate with people - they had to forget about the plans, since "Crocodile Dundee" did not bring the promised deductions to the hunter. Ansell was offended.

The affairs of the hunter worsened, he had to part with his wife, and quarrels with a new passion arose more and more often.

The beginning of the 90s of the last century brought Ansell a loss: 3, 000 of his cows ended up in the slaughterhouse, because their owner neglected sanitary standards. Rod did not previously quarrel with the law, but in 1992 he stole three dozen cows and sat in jail for a while.

After leaving prison, the prototype Crocodile Dundee began to get addicted to amphetamines and marijuana. In 1999, on an August night from 2 to 3, he fired at residential buildings on the outskirts of the town. The police had to catch up with Rod for 12 hours. During the chase, Ansell wounded the driver of an accidentally passing car, killed Sergeant Glen Hewiston and himself was the victim of a return bullet.

What caused the breakdown of the legendary hunter is not known. There is a version that drugs are to blame for this, which developed the mania of persecution in the man. But maybe he voiced the problem earlier, during the filming of the documentary. In it Rod said: "Unfortunately, there is a lot of evil in people, and I am no exception ... Humanity is a murderous species."

The sons, born in their first marriage, managed to obtain permission to hold the funeral in the same way as the aborigines do. The resting place was Mount Kett, where the hunter spent a lot of time when he worked.