An old parable about what a woman wants

Once King Arthur was caught by another king and imprisoned. Then he took pity on him and said that he would let him go if he answered one very difficult question. King Arthur was given a year to find the answer. If he cannot answer, he will be executed. The question was, "What do women really want?"

King Arthur interviewed the entire female half of his kingdom for a year, and no one gave him an answer. Finally, he was told that an old witch could give him an answer, but her price would be very high. The king had no choice, he went to her and asked what she wanted. She wanted to marry his best knight, Gavain. The witch was terribly scary, old, disgusting and with one tooth.

Arthur said that he does not want to force his friend to do this and would rather die. However, Gavain said that Arthur's life is important to the whole kingdom and he agrees to marry a nasty old witch. After that, the witch answered Arthur's question.

She said that women most want to be in control of their own lives. After that, Arthur's life was saved, everyone was happy and the time for the wedding came. Knight Hawain was a real gentleman, while the witch behaved disgustingly, ate with her hands during the wedding.

When the wedding night fell, Gavain reluctantly entered the bedroom. Before his eyes lay the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He asked in surprise what had happened. The witch replied that in gratitude for the good attitude towards her, when she was scary and nasty, she agreed to be a young beauty half the time, and an old witch half the time.

Then she said that he must choose which he wants her to be during the day and which at night. Hawain pondered. Does he want to be seen with a beautiful woman during the day and spend nights with an old hag, or have a terrible witch during the day and be with a beautiful woman at night? He decided to let her decide for herself. After she heard this, she said that she would always be a beauty, because he respects her and gives her the opportunity to control her own life.

So what's the moral of this long story? The moral is that it doesn't matter if your woman is beautiful or scary, smart or stupid. Underneath all this, she is still a witch ...