The wise parable of the old donkey

If you don't stop and give up, you can get out of the deepest well.

Once the donkey of a peasant fell into a deep well. While the owner was thinking what to do, the unfortunate animal began to make pitiful sounds. Finally, the peasant decided that the donkey was already old, and the well had to be buried anyway.

And it seemed to him that it was not worth spending those efforts in order to pull the old donkey out of there. He invited his fellow villagers to help him bury the well. All together took up shovels and began to vigorously throw earth into the well. The donkey immediately realized what was going on, and began to emit a terrible squeal.

Then, to everyone's surprise, the screeching stopped. After several successive portions of land thrown into the well, the peasant decided to check and see how it was down there. And he was extremely amazed at what he saw there.

With each new shovel of earth falling on his back, the donkey did something absolutely incredible - he shook himself off and stood on top of the thrown earth. While the neighbors continued to throw soil into the well, the animal shook itself off each time and stood on top of the ground that had fallen from above.

Very soon everyone was surprised, because they saw how the donkey climbed up, jumped over the edge of the well and rushed off into the distance like a madman!

In life you will be greeted by a lot of all kinds of dirt, and life will send you more and more new portions. But every time a new portion of earth falls on you, shake yourself and go upstairs, and only in this way can you get out of the well of life. If you don't stop and give up, you can get out of the deepest well. Dust yourself off and go upstairs!