He thought he was helping the butterfly. But the result was exactly the opposite!

One day, a small hole appeared in the cocoon. A man who accidentally passed by saw this cocoon, and began to observe for several hours the struggle of a butterfly, which was trying to push its body through this small hole. But it took a long time, and the butterfly seemed to give up its efforts, and the hole remained the same small. It seemed that the butterfly did everything she could, and that for nothing else she had no more strength. Then the man decided to help the butterfly, he took a penknife and cut the cocoon. The butterfly came out at once.

But her body was weak and feeble, her wings were transparent and barely moved. The man continued to watch, thinking that the butterfly's wings were about to spread out and get stronger and it would fly away. Nothing happened!

For the rest of its life, the butterfly dragged its weak body along the ground, and did not spread its wings. She was never able to fly. And all because the person, wishing to help her, did not understand that the effort she makes to get out through the narrow slit of the cocoon is necessary for the butterfly so that the liquid from the body passes into the wings and she can fly. Life forced the butterfly to leave this shell with difficulty so that it could grow and develop.

Sometimes it is effort that we need in life. If we were allowed to live without difficulties, we would be deprived. We couldn't be as strong as we are now. We could never fly.