Men's logic. Positive parable

The man, who decided to marry, thought for a long time which of the three girls in love with him to marry. He decided to give each of them $ 5, 000 and find out how they would dispose of them.

The first one bought expensive clothes, the best cosmetics, went to an elite beauty salon - in general, she did everything to look perfect, and said: "I love you very much and I want everyone to know that you have the most beautiful wife in town."

The second spent all the money on her potential husband, buying him new suits, shirts, tools for the car, and said: "You are the most important thing for me, so I spent all the money on you."

The third put 5000 dollars into circulation, earned another 5000 and returned everything to the man: "I love you very much. I did it so that you would understand that I am smart and not wasteful."

The man thought - and married the one with larger breasts.