My brother brought home a brand new dog collar that smelled of leather and had a shop tag.

- So, - my mother understood everything at once. - This will never happen! She said sternly. - There was not enough dog in our house yet!

My brother silently walked into the room and hung the collar over his bed. It turned out great.

- Where did you get the money? Dad asked.

“I have saved it up, ” my brother explained evasively. - I put it off little by little for three months ...

- I see, - Dad threw up his hands. “So our youngest son has been dreaming of a dog for three months.

- I also dream! I also dream of a dog! - I stuck in the conversation too. - I've been dreaming for a whole week! Not even, eight days!

This was not true. I dreamed about a dog all my life, from the very birth. But after all, it was not me, secretly collecting money that my parents give for breakfast at school and all sorts of other trifles, finally bought a gorgeous new collar made of yellow leather and studded. I could not offend my brother and therefore I said only about eight days!

“It's not bad to dream, ” Mom agreed.

Then, as always, my brother and I did our homework. He's his own, nonsense, for the third grade, and I - serious, for the addition of simple fractions. And from time to time they raised their heads from their notebooks and glanced at the dog collar that hung over my brother's bed.

- Was there thirty days last month? - I suddenly began to remember. - No, thirty-one! So tomorrow will be ninety-three days since you dream of a dog!

My brother snuffled gloomily in response.

- And if you add nine of mine to your days, you get one hundred and two days of an impossible dream! - I counted.

- Yeah, - our dad sighed sadly. He sat in an armchair with a newspaper and heard everything.

- Unrealizable dreams ... - Dad repeated my words. - It doesn't happen. If the dream is correct, it will definitely come true.

And on Saturday, our dad left for a long time in the morning. He returned and immediately called all of us into the hallway.

- Here ... - said dad, embarrassed when we got together. - I added three numbers, and it turned out that we dreamed about the same thirty-four years, three months and eleven days ... This is as of this morning!

Having said so, Dad carefully opened his coat and pulled out from his bosom a shaggy gray puppy with sparkling black eyes.

My brother and I were numb and dumbfounded to such an extent that we didn't even shout "hurray."

Our mom looked at dad in a strange way. He continued to stand in his open coat, clutching the puppy to his chest.

“Add another twenty-seven years ... to your dream, ” my mother asked in a suddenly changed voice.

- No, perhaps twenty-eight! ...

Mom opened the closet and took out from its very depths a once hidden blue dog bowl.