Urgent taxi call

I have some kind of problem with the respiratory system, which consists in seizures that can be stopped on their own by the inhaler. During periods of exacerbation + droppers.

Winter, around 23:00, when I realize that the inhaler is over. It's -30 on the street, which makes you breathless. Having drunk tea with soda, it was decided to sleep while sitting (easier this way) and wait for the morning. But after pokemar about half an hour, I wake up from a cough that clogs up to vomiting and wheezing, which are probably already heard by the neighbors. After wandering around the apartment for another 2 hours and realizing that the fuck is in full swing, and I am already pounding, the nasolabial triangle and lips are bluish and my head is spinning so hard that it is difficult to get in the door, I understand that I urgently need to tear my claws at the pharmacy for a new can. It makes no sense to call an ambulance, tk. will arrive in the morning, and it's a shame somehow ...

I call a taxi, but I can't speak anymore - the whistles, wheezing, gurgling and coughing do not give an articulate explanation of what I need. Saying only "[address], to the pharmacy, " the dispatcher assured me that she had sent the car. I immediately received an SMS with an appointment, I ran into the street. Within 2-3 minutes a "low four" flew into the first space vehicle, and a taxi driver with frightened eyes asked: "To the pharmacy or to the hospital?" having received the answer already with a gesture (the first option), we rushed with a slip in the right direction. He stopped at the very porch, on the sidewalk. There was no question of any pledge! Fortunately, the pharmacist also quickly worked and gave me the coveted spray. And here it is, a dose of the drug, a slightly freer breath and the feeling that the night trash is receding ...

By the way, the taxi driver unlocked until the very last moment and did not want to take money, arguing “We were driving on business, not to the club! We need to help each other! ”, And calmed down only after 10 minutes of the argument. And he told me that he was on his way to another call not far from me, how the dispatcher called him and said he had dropped everything to fly to my address. Which he did.

This is how the taxi helps out, these are the smart workers found in this area!

Guys, if you are suddenly reading this, then again, thank you very much!