7 really cute explanatory notes you just can't help but share

Some of them already have beards, but some of the subordinates don't think so, so here are some of the best explanatory notes I've had the honor to see from my subordinates over the past six months.

I, So-and-so Takoytov, was late for work because I walked a little slower than usual.

(explanatory system administrator)

I was late for work by 30 minutes, since we still don't do anything until ten - we chase tea, but it doesn't fit me anymore. Please take urgent action. (copied by senior engineer)

I was late for work due to a healthy lifestyle. And I had to get to work by the beginning of the working day, but due to the lack of cigarettes and a lighter, I was notably given a pumpkin each. I went to the dispensary, but it was closed. Then I bought a bottle of vodka and started washing the wound. It is for this reason that I smell like alcohol, my face is broken, and poor speech and impaired coordination of movement are the result of a concussion! I didn't drink!

(again copied and pasted, but this time not a senior engineer)

I always follow the example of the bosses. I can't come on time when the bosses are late.

(another engineer)

I was late for work due to a huge traffic jam. And not that cute cork you can buy at an adult store, but a nasty traffic jam.

(explanatory written by the secretary)

In the morning I climbed over my husband and stayed a little longer.


It happened. It won't work like that anymore.


And remember, the worst thing about being late is to copy text from the internet. Include logic and a sense of humor, because you write explanatory from time to time, and the management reads them constantly. Be original