"I have a great son, he doesn't drink, doesn't smoke and doesn't swear"

I work in the HR department in a small organization. We employ about 200 people, and maybe more, as some work without registration and receive cash straight from the boss's pocket. And the staff turnover in the organization is not very high, but it still exists.

We hire someone a couple of times a month and, of course, fire someone. The reasons for dismissal are almost always the same: got drunk, did not go to work. Or got drunk right at work. Or he scored stupidly and didn't come out.

So, closer to the body ...

On a summer morning, a rather strange couple came to us: a grandmother and a man of about thirty.

My grandmother began to ask me about a vacancy for her son. And the future employee himself did not say a word. This amused and alarmed me at the same time. Almost completed the process of applying for a job. I began to collect documents for the signature of the chief, when my grandmother said: "I have a great son, he does not drink, does not smoke and does not swear!" I grinned, promising that no one was going to spoil her son.

Two months have passed since this significant meeting, since three people in the warehouse did not show up for work. And this is the day after the payment of wages. The day before the truancy, all three were drinking in the break room. How did you know? Damn, the cameras are installed. You have to be either too stupid to drink in front of the authorities, or too arrogant. Probably everything is here at once. One of the three is new, who, according to his mother, does not drink, does not smoke, and indeed a good boy!

A day after the alcota was fired, the boss called me:

- Listen, what have I done to you? Why are you doing this?

(It should be noted that our chef has a peculiar sense of humor)

- Well, for the second month you have not allocated money for toilet paper and soap.

- Come on ... I will provide the team with such soft toilet paper that your asses will be in seventh heaven with happiness, and you no longer employ mama's sons! Did you agree ?!

After a short conversation with the boss, it turned out that the mother of the dismissed person had scribbled complaints against us to the Ministry of Labor, the prosecutor's office, the mayor of the city, the head of the region, the labor inspectorate and the police. And these are only those who reacted to the letters of a compassionate woman ...