Sister - Guardian Angel

There lived, at first glance, an ordinary family, but in reality they had a common misfortune: the first daughter was seriously ill, so she needed treatment and help from others in her daily activities. At some point in time, her parents decided that it was time for their second child - so they had another daughter.

As soon as she grew up, almost all worries fell on her children's shoulders: she spoon-fed her older sister, because she did not know how to hold a spoon herself, helped her to fasten her buttons, stood up for her on the street when the kids sneered at the girl's awkward gait. My sister stood up to her defense like a tigress. The sick girl never had friends either: her sister was her real friend, she could always talk about everything or consult with her adored sister. Sometimes it seemed to her that her sister was actually older than herself.

When the parents decided to have another child, the girls were not particularly happy about the birth of their future brother or sister. In fact, they did not care - there were already two of them, and they did not need anyone else, as the older sister reasoned. Parents and their numerous relatives were all sure that they were giving birth to a child to help with the care and moral support of older children, but, alas, this was not destined to happen. The younger sister, from the very first years of her life, gave her sisters only trouble: either she sneered at them, then she simply threw tantrums at them. When parents bought sweets, they were divided into five parts, and dad always gave his share to his youngest daughter. When the older children complained to their parents about the intrigues of their younger sister, they answered that it was impossible to give her back - she is still small. For this reason, they themselves did not punish her, and therefore the youngest quickly got used to being pampered. Here a new misfortune fell upon the family: the girls' grandmother, who was an authority for their parents, suddenly dies. Such a ruling hand is lost, and they are godlessly drunk. As a result, the younger sister is completely deprived of parental warmth and attention.

Thus, the grain of kindness in her heart did not have time to germinate. Anger and resentment against the whole world grew in the girl's heart, becoming more significant with every minute. She took out her anger and aggression on her older sister, who could not resist her because of her poor health. But the defenseless girl had an intercessor and a guardian angel in one person - her beloved middle sister. She always sided with the unfairly offended older sister.

Parents, the girls did not become relatively early. As soon as they had time to grow up and stand on their feet, mother and father departed to another world with a difference of a year, not even reaching their sixtieth anniversary. The middle sister was all in sad worries: she bought wreaths for the funeral here, ordered a monument. Meanwhile, the question arose: at the parents' funeral, everyone was just thinking about who would have to take the cripple with them, secretly hoping that it would be anyone, but not them, and convincing the young woman that it would be best for her in the Invalides ... However, even here the middle sister took control of everything and moved to live in an empty apartment to take care of the older one.

Of course, a lot of time has passed since those times, but the older and middle sisters still live together, and there are not enough words of gratitude in the whole world to express the attitude of the older sister towards the one who saved her time after time.