An interesting acquaintance with an innocent girl

And I met an innocent girl the other day, uh-huh. Easily. Straight almost near your house. In a grocery store, where else to find such girls ... It took me there in the evening for bread, somehow it all at home, it turns out, ended.

And so, I observed a picturesque scene in the store.

A small queue at the checkout. The first - two guys with such a cheerful set of goods - a cake, whiskey and two packs of condoms. Well, it goes without saying - what about the cake without them ... For the guys in line - a spectacular blonde girl, who looks like 18-20 years old, but with such a mocking twinkle in her eyes - don't put your finger in your mouth. Cheerfully glances at the guys' condoms, she personally buys low-fat kefir and some yoghurts. Well, I followed her - with my bread and mineral water.

Naturally, the guys begin to dashingly drive up to the girl, call her with them to someone's birthday. She gives them a cool phrase in response:

- I have no plans to lose my innocence.

The guys laugh, the cashier tries to pretend to be serious, but she doesn't really succeed. Then the guys pay and move to the exit from the store, and this girl has a problem - she just can't find a wallet in her bag. Then she recalls that in the morning she went to the university with another bag and left the wallet in it during the hike. In general, it ended with the fact that I lent her a hundred rubles. Well, her business card with a phone number at the same time - otherwise how will she give them to me? And then suddenly the global financial crisis will begin soon, and I will urgently need them. Yes Yes. Provide financing for the real sector of the economy of your region. O_o.

We went out with this girl together on the street, and I decided to get to her as a joke:

- Are you really still a girl, mmm?

- Do you want to check? She grinned back.


- Well, not necessarily. I'm ready to take my word for it.

On this note, on the porch of the store, we parted, each went on about his business. But she promised to call me about that hundred of mine. To give it away.

And she called me :)

By the way, it turned out that her name was Valeria, but Lera can. Though, finally, we got to know each other well.

And by the way - what do you usually do on the first date? Do you go to a cafe? Or a movie? Or even at once ... uh ... spend time in bed? Ha. This is all not modern. Not creative, yeah. So Leroy and I went to buy sugar. For plum jam, by the way ... And jam - this is not khukhry-mukhry for you! :)

And it was so. The bell rang last night:

- Maksim? This is Lera, I forgot my wallet at home yesterday, and you gave me a hundred. I want to give you the money. But this is the case, my mother is now driving me to the store, she needs sugar. Straight urgently, for jam. Come on there in the same store and meet? Yeah, can you help me bring sugar home later? He's so heavy, mmm ... Huh?

Well, I couldn't refuse the girl in sugar-carrying, yes! In general, we agreed to meet in half an hour. Somehow it was immediately clear that it would not be boring there.

First, she forcibly lent me those hundred rubles, I tried to refuse, th-e-eats! She literally shoved them into my pocket, said that she could not do otherwise, she was not used to it. Then we chose sugar - such a bag of five kilos, well, I brought it home to her. Okay, okay, I confess - to the apartment. But he didn’t go there, he decided not to interfere with my mother’s jam-making process. And then suddenly I will have a negative impact on him. Will burn there more, from my mother's upset at my sight. Or mom will make you peel the plums from the pits, yo!

But Lera promised me ready-made jam in a jar, as soon as it was ready - right away. Now, I’ll drink tea with plum jam soon, yum ...

Hmm. Yesterday I told my friend about this jam by phone. And he began to laugh. She says that Lera is very competent to continue dating me - at first she asked for help, then promised to feed. And what is so with us, men, and should be.

Hmm. Is it true ?!

Yes, and also, if anything happens next, she herself called me yesterday to the store for sugar !!! I'm not guilty !!! Here is such an interesting acquaintance with an innocent girl.