Today in the store I noticed my grandmother

Today in the store I noticed my grandmother - I was choosing cheaper canned food for a long time. I noticed that at plus 2 degrees she was in rubber slippers ... I walked up, stood next to me, helped to sort out the price tags, then took me through the store, threw everything that caught my eye into the basket) We bought her a full basket of groceries, and she lamented: “ Oh, don't, they won't let me go to the cashier, they know that I have no money. "

When I realized that this was no joke, that I would pay for everything and that I could take whatever she wanted, I took butter and rice. CREAM AND RICE !!!

I asked what products were not at home, in order to understand what else to take, it turned out that there was nothing at all at home. When I threw a couple of chocolate bars into the basket, such childish joy appeared in my eyes ... a 3-year-old sister has the same eyes when she is allowed to eat chocolates ... Granny loves chocolate, only it has been expensive to buy it for 6 years already. I didn’t know what to do while we were going to the checkout - either she refused to take food, then she said “then tell me that you are my nephew, otherwise they won’t let us in at the checkout, ” then she thanked and was baptized. Since she was so afraid of the cash register, it was very interesting for me to find that freak who, once did not let her through at the cash register with her purchases: 2 canned food and bread. 120 rubles.

She did not leave the house for a month. I ate canned food, they ran out a couple of days ago.

With such shining eyes she told me: “You know, sonny (that is what I called you and“ sonny ”), when I left the house, I asked the Heavenly Father to send me 100 rubles for food. Sometimes I find money on the road, and you bought me so much ”.

I go and I am ashamed. Drove home, picked up the groceries. She lives in a business class house - brick towers at the intersection of Leninsky and Udaltsov. I was surprised. It turned out that she received an apartment there after the demolition of the five-story building, which stood at this place. She lived with her son. The son died 6 years ago, she was left alone. And here's what is interesting - after all, many wealthy people live in the house, they knew her son, they see that grandmother has been living alone for a long time and walks in slippers in the fall, that she does not eat normally ...

He picked up the groceries, went into the apartment. There is cardboard on the floor, all household appliances have been torn out in the kitchen (you can see what was torn out of the kitchen and the sides of the kitchen are broken). She explained that it was the grandmother's daughter-in-law and sister, together, immediately after the death of her son, that they took out all the furniture, all the appliances, and they no longer appear - they are waiting for the grandmother to leave to take care of the apartment. You should have seen how she lives, what she had on the table ...

I understand approximately why there is not enough money from the pension for food - a communal apartment in this house, a concierge (try not to hand over the money) and so on costs 2 times more than in a five-story building, but my grandmother has no other housing, it is scary to exchange an apartment - the elderly are killed, then deceived, in general, there is no chance to change the apartment. And all this is not important. The important thing is that this unfortunate basket of groceries, which will last for a month, costs 2, 000 rubles. 2000 FUCKED RUBLES!

In a 19-storey two-entrance building of a business class, people cannot cooperate and prevent their grandmother from starving to death. And what a grandmother!))) She worked at the Central Research Institute of Cosmonautics (it seems that was the name), a researcher, candidate of sciences. She sang at the Bolshoi once. I looked at photographs from distant youth - what a beautiful woman she was!) And such an old age ...

Her sister calls every six months to find out whether she died or not. And every time the “relative” hears that the grandmother is still alive, she curses her and hangs up. She has a grandson, a daughter-in-law, who is also waiting for her to leave us.

In general, comrades, relatives, hell wait. Grandma will be fine. And food, and clothes, and will go to the sanatorium, and you, s ** and, will survive everyone, I will try.

At parting, I heard so many kind words ... I didn't know what to do - either to thank, or not to delay, or to cry.

He said that I would stop by sometimes.

Friends, at the end of this long text I have one request - let's pay for their baskets every time we see grandmothers in the store. Have you seen these baskets? They will pick up a maximum of 300 rubles themselves. Today Vera Dmitrievna came to the store with 60 rubles.

We just walk up, put the groceries in the grandmother's basket and pay at the checkout. 500–1000 rubles for those who are a trifle in my friends, but for the grandmother whom you will help, it may be a matter of life and death.

Now I'm thinking about how to launch a campaign on this topic on the network ...

UPD: There are a lot of comments on the topic “what if a person doesn't need help, but I’ll drag him to the cashier” - ok, so leave the person alone and find another pensioner, is there a shortage of them? Not often found?) Or “wouldn’t be a bad idea to first ask if you need help”.

“… Grandparents are often offended. In addition, in their youth they were often very successful people in a country that no longer exists, saved up for old age (for those same savings books) and were quite respected people. Now looking at these 500 rubles with which you want to help them, they, of course, may have different feelings. This is just a grandfather for us, who lacks 500 rubles, but he himself has remained a successful, respected person who has been thrown by the state / relatives, etc. We must be ready for such a reaction and explain that you are not out of pity do, but with all due respect to his merits and age) Recognition - he is often lacking. "