Albert Spagiari and his artistic bank robbery

Frenchman Albert Spagiari pulled off one of the most lucrative and perhaps the most artistic bank robberies in the history of the craft. The plan for the crime came to Spagiari's mind after he accidentally found out that the city sewer runs next to the vault wall of the Societe Generale bank in Nice.

For two months, Albert and two friends were digging a tunnel, and on July 16, 1976, on the long weekend in honor of Bastille Day, they reached the goal! The robbers opened 400 safe deposit boxes and took possession of valuables worth 60 million francs. Right in the storage room, they arranged a picnic with wine and pâté (after all, there was a holiday in the yard) and wrote on the wall: "No weapons, no hatred, no violence!" It took the police three months to track down the criminals.

Albert was arrested, but he managed to make an equally artistic escape. Having persuaded a friend of a motorcycle stuntman, he jumped out of the courthouse right during the meeting, got on a motorcycle and rushed off in an unknown direction. Spagiari died in 1989 after spending the rest of his life in Argentina, where he hid from the police, changing his appearance.