The man who moved the mountain

Dashrath Manjhi is a poor Indian who was able to single-handedly move a mountain. So, for 22 years, Dashrath cut a tunnel in the mountain that divided his village from the city so that people who need medical assistance could receive it in a timely manner.

Dashrath Manjhi was born in 1934 into a poor rural Indian family in the area of ​​the city of Gaya in the Indian state of Bihar (Gahlour village near Gaya in Bihar, India). The home village of Dashratha was far enough from large settlements, and residents had to overcome a huge distance whenever it was necessary to get to civilization. The mountain that stood in the way was dangerous and steep, but many residents still, risking their lives, used this particular path. Residents of the surrounding villages have appealed to the government of Bihar more than once, but the authorities have not begun to build any acceptable road. So, cut off from civilization and almost cut off from life, the inhabitants of the village of Dashratha Manjhi have lived for more than one generation.

One day, Dashratha's wife, Falguni Devi, urgently needed medical attention, but the nearest hospital was at least 70 km away, and the woman died without waiting for treatment. And then Dashrath understood - it couldn't go on like this. If no one wants to turn to face the inhabitants of a poor village, he will have to take on this matter himself.

Dashrath took a hammer, chisel and other simple tool with him and went to the mountain. Manjhi decided to manually cut through the mountain, this would shorten the road to the city by tens of kilometers, and people would not have to climb a steep slope every time to get to the market, school or hospital.

Local residents were skeptical about Dashratha's undertaking - what can one man with a hammer against a huge mountain?

But the stubborn peasant did not give up - day after day, night after night, he continued to hammer the rock. Soon the kindest neighbors began to help him - someone brought food and water, someone armed with tools and worked side by side with Dashratha. But by and large, few people really believed in this venture. But, in spite of everything, the matter was moving - the hole in the grief became deeper and deeper.

He began his work in 1960, and 22 years later, in 1982, the mountain conquered, and Dashrath Manjhi came out on the other side of it.

It was a huge job - a passage 100 meters long, 9.1 meters wide and 7.6 meters deep. Now the distance to the nearest large settlement is 1 kilometer instead of the previous 75.

Man of the Mountain - this is how the inhabitants of the surrounding villages called Dashratha Manjhi. The inhabitants of 60 surrounding villages began to use this road, and each time passing through the tunnel cut by Manjhi, they thanked this stubborn person.

During his lifetime, Dashrath received no encouragement from the government. It was only after he died in 2007 that state authorities agreed to pay for his funeral.

It was said about Dashratha that he managed to move the mountain alone, and he did it not for himself at all. So, the only goal pursued by this amazing Indian was to help people.

Dashratha Manjhi is remembered and will be remembered by all the surrounding residents, and his story, the story of a man who managed to move a mountain, will be carefully passed down from generation to generation.