The most interesting horror stories from all over the Internet

On the Internet, creepypastas are widespread - short stories designed to shock or scare the reader. Everyone in childhood sat by the fire and told each other terrible stories? Creepypasta is the same, only on the Internet. Here are ten of the most interesting such stories, sometimes frightening, but more often stupid. Just don't read at night - just in case.

And so we begin our selection of interesting horror stories:

1. 1999

Known simply as 1999, this story is one of the most realistic and chilling urban internet legends. The protagonist of the story is a Canadian blogger named Elliot, who tried to unravel the mystery of the mysterious TV channel that he watched in 1999. The broadcasts were too schematic, so Elliot somehow realized that the channel was most likely run by a local thug.

Elliot continued to search for information and eventually learned that the owner of the TV channel was luring children into his house to sacrifice them. Elliot also realized that this nutcase not only tortures and kills children, but also wears a bear costume and calls himself "Mister Bear."

There were only a few shows on the mysterious TV channel, he worked from four to nine in the morning. The first show was called "Bubi" - the heroes in it were living hands on some kind of cheap table. The main character (hand) was called Booby, she was in every episode. However, as time went on, the episodes became more and more bizarre.

During the episode titled "The Scissor Game, " Booby held the scissors, and the other hand, a smaller one, twitched as if it were being forcibly held there. Then Booby hit her other hand several times with the scissors, while a muffled cry of children was heard. Eventually, the scissors hit the bone, and there was a terrible crunching sound. Elliot did not see any more episodes with Booby.

Then came Mr. Bear's Basement, where they showed a psycho dressed as Mr. Bear. We will not describe what actually happened on the screen - there are too many bloody details. Finding stories online is easy, so you can do it yourself if you see fit.

In the end, the police intervened in this chaos, and the sadistic TV channel was closed forever.

By the way, Elliot is a weird guy - would you watch that?

2. Candle bay

The story appeared on a thread on a forum talking about an old 1970s children's show. It contained a girl who imagined she was friends with pirates. The show was somewhat controversial, as during one episode all the characters screamed without stopping.

All they did was stand still and scream the entire episode, and the little girl was crying at the same time. Various people in their comments talked about remembering this, and it became clear that there is something dark and unsettling about the “cute” low-budget show.

In recent comments, it was clearly stated that the show was far more sinister than the memory of a child retained. The main villain of the show, a skeleton named "Kozhnik", stood out from the rest. Apparently, his mouth was sliding back and forth, and not up and down, as is usually the case. The commentator even recalled that when the girl asked why he had such a strange mouth, he looked directly into the camera and replied: "In order to chew on your skin."

Another commentator questioned the show at all and asked the mother if she remembered about a 1970s children's show called Candle Bay. She was sincerely surprised that he remembered this. Apparently, he asked if the program was still on and tried to tune the TV to the desired channel. Then the air in the room became stale and remained so for 30 minutes.

3. Rake

In 2003, in the northeastern United States, an incident occurred involving a strange humanoid creature, which attracted a lot of local media attention. After that, most of the written evidence of what happened mysteriously disappeared from the web pages, and people began to see the creature more often. The strange thing is that people reacted to it in different ways - from panic attacks to almost childish curiosity.

The creature continued to appear, and then the hunt for it began - after all, it is necessary, after all, to find out who or what it is. Finally, in 2006, researchers working together made a frightening discovery - they unearthed nearly two dozen documents dating back to the 12th century, and all of them talked about the appearance of a creature called the "Rake".

One of his most impressive appearances was described by a certain woman. Here is how it was.

In the middle of the night, the woman woke up unexpectedly and accidentally woke her husband up. She apologized and her husband turned to look at her. He gasped with fear and hugged his wife - something clearly frightened him very much. At the foot of the bed sat, now and then turning away from them, that same notorious creature, similar to a large bald dog.

The spouses' eyes are not yet accustomed to the darkness. The creature jumped up and sat down less than 30 cm from her husband's face. It stared at him for a while, and then rushed to the nursery. The frightened spouses immediately rushed after him, but it was too late: their daughter lay in her crib covered in blood and was dying. Her last words: "It was Rake."

Rake disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. No one ever saw him again.

4. Where bad kids go

This creepypasta tells the story of a photographer who decided to find out information about an old children's TV show that he watched as a child during the Lebanese war. All he remembered was that the half-hour show had graphics and intimidation tactics - apparently, this was how they tried to keep the children from inappropriate behavior.

According to the photographer, the show was an attempt by the media to keep the kids in check - every episode repeatedly said that "bad children go to bed late" and "bad children steal food from the refrigerator at night", and that this should not be done.

The photographer recalled that in each scene there was a final scene, each time the same - an old rusty iron door slowly grew in the frame, and as the camera approached the door, someone could be heard screaming. The closer the cell was to the door, the louder and more distinct the screams became. And then the inscription appeared: "This is where the bad kids go" - this meant the end of the episode.

The photographer managed to track down the studio where the show was filmed. Although the place seemed to have been abandoned long ago, the ill-fated rusty door from childhood was still there. Outside the door was a small room with traces of blood, feces and bones. But most of all the photographer was frightened by the microphone hanging in the middle of the room.

5. Keyhole

This is a legend about a man who stayed at the same hotel for several nights. When he received the keys to his room, the woman at the counter warned him that there was a door without a number on the way to his room. She explained that the room is locked, all sorts of things are stored there, and in no case should he go there or even look inside. The intrigued man went straight to his room and did not ask questions.

By the second night, curiosity got the better of it. He tried to turn the knobs on a door without a number, and realized that the door was closed, as the woman had said. But our hero was not going to give up so easily - he looked through the keyhole. Outside the door was a room very similar to his own. And in the corner opposite the door stood a woman with very fair skin, her head leaning against the wall. The embarrassed man returned to his room, but on the third day decided to look through the keyhole again.

This time, all he saw was red. Just a deep, rich red. Perhaps the woman in the room realized that someone was spying on her and somehow plugged the keyhole.

Our hero decided to ask the woman at the counter about all this. She sighed and asked if he was looking through the keyhole. He replied that yes, he looked, and then the owner of the hotel told him everything: many years ago, the husband killed his wife in the same room, and now her ghost is looking for him. It is said that the ghost itself is very pale, almost white, but its eyes are red as blood.

6. Angel Statue

This story is about a couple who wanted to leave home at night and have fun. They had children, so they decided to call a nanny, who had already looked after the children more than once. When the nanny arrived, the children were already asleep, so she decided to watch TV.

Unfortunately, there was only one TV in the house in the matrimonial bedroom, and the nanny called the employers to ask if she could watch it there. They allowed, but then the nanny called again and asked if something could be used to close the statue of the angel, because it makes her very nervous. Hearing this, the father was briefly silent, and then ordered the nanny to immediately take the children out of the house and call the police, because they did not have any statue of an angel.

When the police arrived, the nanny and children were found dead in a pool of blood. The statue has disappeared.

7. Griefing

Griefer is a scary internet legend that first appeared in 2009. She talks about a video that appears to be so gruesome that it scares or hysterics anyone who watches it. Apparently, the video contains dying children, agonizing screams and close-ups of corpses.

"Griefing" is really terrible - yes, the clip exists. Fortunately, the footage is not real: the creator of the legend in 2009 admitted that he borrowed the so-called "documentary footage" from the movie "Log".

And although most people now know that this is a hoax, "Griefer" is still a scary story that is not ashamed to be told by the fire. Some viewers even tried to arrange the footage from the video in chronological order to make it appear as realistic as possible.

8. SCP Foundation

Special Containment Procedures, aka SCP Foundation, is a fictional organization with a dark past that first appeared in 2007. The Foundation allegedly consists of many doctors, researchers and agents whose goal is to understand and compile a complete catalog of anomalous creatures. And, of course, the Foundation "does everything possible to prevent the materials from falling into the wrong hands and into the outside world." And to investigate all sorts of anomalous byak, the Foundation conducts experiments on death row prisoners.

It all started with a creature codenamed "SCP-173", it is described as a statue with a bloody face and short limbs. It was found that the creature is not able to move while looking at it, but as soon as eye contact is broken, the creature immediately kills the victim - it breaks its neck. Well, so as not to look away from him, I guess.


Another example is "SCP-682": it is said to be a reptile-like creature that cannot be killed. It is, incidentally, the most popular on the SCP wiki.

9. Assassin Jeff

Jeff was a little boy. His family moved to a new home, and the day after the move, he was invited to a neighbor's birthday party. He decided to take his brother Liu with him.

While Jeff and Liu were waiting at a bus stop, they were attacked by three teenagers. Jeff successfully defeated and left the attackers lying in the street with broken arms and stab wounds. And then Jeff realized that his greatest pleasure was to hurt others. This feeling was always with him, but it became stronger when someone angered him.

Shortly after this incident, Jeff's mother woke up at night due to screams coming from the bathroom. She walked in and found Jeff carving an everlasting smile on his cheeks with a razor. He also managed to cut off his eyelids to never sleep. Realizing that her son had gone mad, she ran into the bedroom to wake her husband, but Jeff stood in the way with a knife in his hand. The last thing she heard was, "Mommy, you lied."

Jeff killed both parents - only his brother remained. Liu woke up when he heard muffled sounds coming from his parents' bedroom. When everything was quiet, the boy tried to fall asleep again, but could not shake the feeling that someone was watching him. Suddenly a hand closed over his mouth, and he felt the blade sink into his stomach. Liu tried to break free, but it was too late. "Shhhh, " Jeff said, "you just need to sleep."

No one has ever seen Jeff again, but legend has it that he is still in the house - waiting for the next victim.