The world's shortest stories

A bright plot and an unexpected ending can be contained in just 55 words.

One day, New Time magazine editor Steve Moss decided to hold a competition in which participants were asked to write a 55-word story, but at the same time, the text retained a coherent plot, elaboration of characters and an unusual denouement. He received a response of such proportions that the results of the competition managed to collect a whole collection called "The world's shortest stories".

Unhappy -Dan Andrews

They say evil has no face. Indeed, no feelings were reflected on his face. There was not a flicker of sympathy on him, and the pain was simply unbearable. Doesn't he see the terror in my eyes and the panic on my face? He calmly, one might say, professionally did his dirty work, and at the end he politely said: "Rinse your mouth, please."

Rendezvous - Nicole Weddle

The phone rang.

“Hello, ” she whispered.

- Victoria, it's me. Let's meet at the pier at midnight.

- Okay dear.

“And please don't forget to bring a bottle of champagne with you, ” he said.

“I won’t forget, dear. I want to be with you tonight.

- Hurry up, I have no time to wait! He said and hung up.

She sighed, then smiled.

“I wonder who it is, ” she said.

What the Devil Wants - Brian Newell

The two boys stood and watched Satan slowly walk away. The glint of his hypnotic eyes still fogged their heads.

- Listen, what did he want from you?

- My soul. And from you?

- A coin for a pay phone. He urgently needed to call.

- Do you want, let's go and eat?

- I want to, but now I have no money at all.

- Nothing wrong. I have a lot.

Destiny - Jay Reap

There was only one way out, for our lives were entwined in a knot of anger and bliss too tangled to solve it otherwise. Let us trust the lot: heads - and we will get married, tails - and we will part forever.

The coin was tossed. She clinked, spun, and stopped. Eagle.

We stared at her in disbelief.

Then, in one voice, we said: "Maybe one more time?"

Tonight's Surprise - Hillary Clay

Shiny tights hugged her lovely thighs tight and seductively - a wonderful addition to a light evening dress. From the very tips of the diamond earrings to the socks of delicate high heels, everything was simply gorgeous. Eyes with freshly cast shadows scanned the reflection in the mirror, and lips painted in bright red lipstick stretched with pleasure. Suddenly, a child's voice was heard from behind:


Thanks - Andrew E. Hunt

The woolen blanket that he was recently given from the charity found a comfortable hug around his shoulders, and the boots he found in the trash can today were absolutely stingy.

Street lights warmed the soul so pleasantly after all this cold darkness ...

The curving of the park bench seemed so familiar to his weary old back.

Thank you, Lord, he thought, life is amazing!

Higher Education - Ron Bast

“We just wiped our pants at university, ” Jennings said, washing his dirty hands. - After all these budget cuts, they will not teach you much, they just put grades, and everything went on as usual.

- So how did you study?

- And we did not study. However, you can see how I work.

The nurse opened the door.

“Dr. Jennings, you are needed in the operating room.

Decisive Moment - Tina Milburn

She could almost hear the doors of her prison slamming shut.

Freedom is gone forever, now its fate is in the hands of others, and it will never see will.

Mad thoughts flashed through her head about how good it would be to fly far, far away now. But she knew it was impossible to hide.

She turned to the groom with a smile and repeated: "Yes, I agree."

Hide and Seek - Kurt Homan

- Ninety-nine, one hundred! Ready or not, here I come!

I hate driving, but it's much easier for me than hiding. Entering a dark room, I whisper to those who are hiding inside: "Hit, hit!".

They look at me along the long corridor, and the mirrors hanging on the walls reflect my figure in a black cassock and with a scythe in his hands.

Bed Story - Jeffrey Whitmore

“Careful, baby, it's loaded, ” he said, returning to the bedroom.

Her back rested on the headboard.

- Is this for your wife?

- Not. It would be risky. I'll hire a hitman.

- And if the killer is me?

He grinned.

“Who’s smart enough to hire a woman to kill a man?”

She licked her lips and aimed at him.

- At your wife.

At the Hospital - Barnaby Konradesh

She drove the car at a breakneck speed. Lord, just to be in time.

But from the look on the face of the doctor from the intensive care ward, she understood everything.

She burst into tears.

- Is he conscious?

“Mrs. Allerton, ” the doctor said softly, “you should be happy. His last words were: "I love you Mary."

She glanced at the doctor and turned away.

“Thanks, ” Judith said coldly.

The Beginning - Enrique Cavalitto

She was angry with him. In their idyllic life, they had almost everything, but she longed for one thing - that which they never had. Only his cowardice was a hindrance.

Then it will be necessary to get rid of him, but it is still early. Better to be calm and sly. Beautiful in her nakedness, she grabbed the fruit.

“Adam, ” she called softly.

Window - Jane Orvey

Since Rita was brutally murdered, Carter has been sitting by the window. No TV, reading, writing. His life is seen through the curtains. He doesn't care who brings food, pays the bills, he doesn't leave the room. His life - running athletes, changing seasons, passing cars, the ghost of Rita.

Carter doesn't realize that there are no windows in the padded wards.

In the Garden - Hope Hey Torres

She was standing in the garden when she saw him running towards her.

- Tina! My flower! Love of my life!

Finally he said it.

- About!

- Tina, my flower!

- Oh, Tom, and I love you too!

Tom approached her, knelt down and quickly pushed her aside.

- My flower! You stepped on my beloved rose!

In Search of the Truth - Robert Tompkins

Finally, in this remote, secluded village, his search ended. In a dilapidated hut, Pravda was sitting by the fire.

He had never seen an older, uglier woman.

- Are you - Really?

The old, wrinkled hag nodded solemnly.

- Tell me, what should I tell the world? What message to convey?

The old woman spat into the fire and replied:

- Tell them that I am young and beautiful!