The best story on how to change the world around you

My grandmother lived at the entrance of our house. Grandma Lyuba. She was 97 years old. A sweet, pleasant old woman, always in a good mood, smiling and welcoming. For me, she is an Enlightened Leader. Calm down! I was out of my mind and did not fall down when I saw her sitting on a bench near the entrance. Let me explain why I think so.

First, grandmother Lyuba decorated the window sills on our floor and in our entrance with flower pots. Handsomely. The next day, the brightest flowers - those with buds - were stolen, and near the metro one could see nimble traders with pots of grandmother's flowers.

The neighbors decided to put a lock and intercom on the front door. And she hung on the walls frames with the sayings of the great, awakening conscience and acting like commandments. And again she put the flowers on the windowsill. Cozy.

Noisy teenagers began to enter the entrance. Grandma Lyuba came out and ... offered them water or tea. They laughed for a long time. They picked the flowers and turned over the frames.

The next day, she put the flowers down again, returned the frames to their previous appearance and laid the books on the windowsill. Classics. The teenagers came. Haldeli, they were noisy. She went out and offered them tea with her buns, delicious and tasty smelling. The guys couldn't refuse. And they even took books with them with a promise to read. They did not touch the flowers, nor did they touch the frames.

The next day, she brought out a plastic water bottle so that anyone who decided to take care of the flowers could water. And new books. In the evening, teenagers came, poured water on each other, laughed and roared. Grandmother went out to them again and offered tea, buns, took the bottle, filled it with water and asked them to water the flowers.

The guys began to come to the entrance every day, the neighbors were indignant, even somehow called the police, but the grandmother said that it was, they say, her students came to her for books, distributed books to the confused teenagers in front of the policemen and escorted the police: “With God! "

A bookcase with books appeared in the entrance. And next to the announcement: “Request! If you have interesting and important books at home that you have already read, please share! Please! And those who took it to read, please return it for those who may also need it and it is important! "

The bookcase was filled with books. Flowers appeared on windowsills on all floors. Nice frames with quotes too. Every evening, the front door to the entrance was left open.

In the evening, teenagers could be seen reading books on the stairs. Grandmother put some flashlights on the windowsill to make it easier for them to read. The children were sitting in the entrance with the lights on, and it was brighter than usual.

The grandmother is dead. A club for children and teenagers was opened on the ground floor of our house. With a library and flowers on the windowsills. A flashlight has become the club's symbol.