5 stories with a good mood

1. We have such a belief ...

A long time ago, when my future husband and I did not have common cars, houses and vacation plans, he brought me flowers. Such a simple bouquet is not the first freshness, I bought it in a hurry at a gas station.

“Do you know, ” I said to him, straightening the crumpled roses, “we esotericists have such a belief that the longer the flowers donated, the stronger the relationship will be.

The poor admirer came every evening, sniffed and searched that bouquet, which had stood for a heroic three weeks. After that, he constantly dragged me flowers from the gas station, and they all bloomed for a long time, luxuriously and a little boastfully.

Then we went on vacation, I got pregnant, my daughter was born, we bought a house, moved, and he revealed to me a terrible secret that after those very persistent flowers he understood - this is a sign of fate, and nothing will interfere, not age, neither children, nor different interests, nor my nasty character, and everything will work out for us.

And I, in turn, admitted that every day I changed wilting roses to fresh ones. I went to a gas station and bought more.

We, esotericists, have such a belief that what you believe in works.

2. Ordinary Magic

A computer broke down in the office. They called a specialist. He came and fixed everything.

An employee tells how this happened:

“A programmer came, stared at the computer, raised his hands to the sky, whispered something, turned my chair 10 times counterclockwise, kicked the computer, whispered something again and left. It all worked. A real magician. "

The programmer tells:

“They are calling me to figure out what happened to the computer. And the employee, you see, is restless, constantly turns on the chair, so the cord is screwed on the chair leg. I swear, unravel the cord. Then he moved the computer further away, plugged in the plug that had jumped out and left. "

3. How the equalization works

An economics professor told how he once "flunked" a whole group.

The group insisted that socialism "works" and that no one would be poor and no one rich. Great alignment! The professor said: okay, let's set up an experiment in this class on the subject of socialism. All grades will be averaged and everyone will get the same grade, so no one fails and no one gets an “excellent”.

After the first control, the scores were averaged and all got "good". Students who studied hard were upset, and students who studied little were happy. But by the time of the second test, the students who did not study much were doing even less, and those who studied hard decided that they also wanted freebies, so they did a little ... The second test gave "satisfactory" on average. Nobody was happy.

When the third control passed, the average was “bad”.

The result did not improve, because quarrels, reproaches, swearing led to hostile relations and no one was going to learn for others.

4. Once a dog came into my yard ...

Once an old tired dog came into my yard. Judging by the collar and fat belly, he had a home and was well cared for. The dog calmly approached me, and I patted him on the back of the neck. He followed me and entered the house. Slowly crossed the hallway, curled up in a ball in the corner of the living room and fell asleep. An hour later he got up and went to the door. I released it.

The next day he was again in my yard, "greeted" me, went into the house again, took the same corner in the living room and again slept for about an hour. This went on for several weeks in a row. I got curious, and I pinned a note to his collar: "I would like to know who is the owner of this wonderful cute dog, and did you know that almost every day he comes to my house to sleep?"

The next day the dog came with another note, pinned to the collar: “He lives in a house with six children, and two of them are not even three years old. He's just trying to get enough sleep. Can I come with him tomorrow too? "

5. Everyone has a chance

The announcement read: “Villa for sale by the sea, 3 floors. With pool and garden. Cost - $ 1 ".

- Nonsense! - the bum grumbled and threw out the newspaper. Walking through the courtyards in search of food, he saw an ad on the wall: “Villa for sale by the sea, 3 floors. With pool and garden. Cost - $ 1 ".

"A typo, or what?" - thought the bum and went, grumbling, further. Going out onto the avenue, he noticed a huge banner: “Villa for sale by the sea, 3 floors. With pool and garden. Cost - $ 1 ".

The homeless man became thoughtful. He wondered what madman could write such a thing and decided to check it out. He had nothing to lose except the last dollar in his pocket. Arriving at the address, he saw the very villa. He phoned timidly. The door was opened by a beautiful woman.

- Sorry, I'm on the ad. This is not a prank?

- What do you! Everything is correct.

- I'm about the cost: $ 1? This is true?

- Yes. 1 dollar. If you are interested, you can take a look around the house.

Delighted with what he saw, he gave up his last dollar and became the owner of a luxurious villa. But still decided to find out why such a low price? To which the woman, smiling, said: “Before his death, my husband indicated in his will that I should sell our villa and transfer the proceeds to the account of his mistress. Can't I fail to fulfill his last will ?! The ad has been around for six months, and you are the only one who responded to it. All the best to you. " And she left.


Everyone is given a chance! You just need to believe that the impossible is possible.