This story happened about 700 years ago

This story took place about 700 years ago. The great teacher, wise by experience, enjoying honor and glory, was lying on his deathbed. His disciples and faithful followers asked if he was afraid to die. "Yes, " the sage replied, "I am afraid of meeting the Creator." "How so? - they were surprised. - You have lived such a worthy life. You brought us out of the darkness of ignorance, as Moses led his people. You have resolved disputes between us with the wisdom of Solomon. " Hearing these words, the teacher quietly replied: “When I stand before the Creator, he will not ask me about who I was like, like Moses or Solomon. He will ask: "Were you yourself?" As you can see, man has been trying to be himself since time immemorial. Why hasn't he succeeded in this yet? Because he strives to please everyone at once.

When we decide to live the way we see fit, dissatisfied and offended people always appear: boss, spouse or spouse, parents, children. At first, this decision only brings a feeling of loneliness and a feeling that everything is against us. But we answer only to ourselves. The opinion or approval of others does not matter.

You are responsible for choosing to live your own life. You are responsible for the results of your actions and for the circumstances of your life. The blame for your actions (or inaction) falls on your shoulders. Often times, other people's values ​​and beliefs will diverge from yours. The inconsistency of your lifestyle with their ideas about what is right and what is wrong scares them, because their whole life was built on these ideas.

When opposing beliefs collide, an internal struggle begins. The person asks himself: “Maybe others are right? Does this mean that I am wrong? " But those who have cognized their essence cannot be threatened by other people's beliefs. Only one who doubts himself and does not know his true "I" can be afraid of people who directly or indirectly threaten his system of values.