Homeless dog managed to melt his heart with a declaration of love

The homeless dog managed to melt the heart of a compassionate woman with a declaration of love. Now, in order: In one of the Texas states - Tyler lived on the street a dog, attracting human attention with its unusual ability - when he barked, his barking was very similar to the English declaration of love - "I love you!" (I love you). There was a feeling that he was confessing his love to people passing by. Someone took this nice Boston Terrier to a shelter for homeless animals, after which the "talking" dog had a mistress.

The news about the amazing dog instantly spread throughout all the nearby settlements. Donna Brian's kind heart could not remain indifferent, so she took the dog to her home, providing him with both proper care and a cheerful company. Donna has long had a Jack Russell Terrier who was also taken from the shelter. Now the new tenant, nicknamed Domino, will not be bored.

The woman said that Domino is obedient, affectionate and needs human warmth and care. Earlier, apparently, the dog was home, because he understands the commands, is used to a leash. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find out what became of them.

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