Niagara Falls case

Niagara Falls is a network of waterfalls on the Niagara River that separate the state called New York and the province of Ontario, which is located in Canada. In North America, Niagara Falls is the most powerful: its height is more than fifty-three meters, and five and seven-tenths of a million liters is the volume of falling water. From a rock ledge, it has been falling for not only hundreds, but thousands of years. And only a few people know that somehow he stopped for more than a day - almost thirty hours!

This happened on March 29, 1948, when the inhabitants of a town called Niagara Falls woke up from the unusual silence as a result of the cessation of the roar of the waterfall of the same name. People began to panic and assume that the end of the world was near.

But the next morning the water returned. It turned out that on that ill-fated day, the strongest wind on Lake Erie, from which Niagara originates, moved the ice. Tons of ice barricaded the river flow off the city of Buffalo.

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