Stories by a Mexican Writer

Sergio Sanchez Santamaria sent books by Mexican authors for whom he created illustrations in the form of his engravings.

Sergio himself advises starting the study of Mexican literature with authors such as Lee a Juan Rulfo and Octavio Paz, but it just so happened that it was the work of Werner Colombani that opened the door for me to this wonderful world.

I was attracted by the title of the book "The Time Thief", after reading the annotation I realized that the author is close to me in spirit (a revolutionary in creativity, who wants to reach out to this deaf-mute world saturated with false ideals imposed by the media).

I am sharing translations of two stories from this wonderful book!

story from the book "The Time Thief", illustrations made by Mexican engraver Sergio Sanchez Santamaria


Storyteller: Werner Colombani (Mexico)

Translation: Maria Yaroslavskaya (Russia)

I hope to get this job, to take such an important chair, right now I am going for an interview.

There are many applicants for this position next to me, however, the age difference is huge!

It's curious, my fifty years of life seems to have taken less time than those thirty seconds, waiting here.

My grandfather used to say that there is no such thing as time! This is all very relative, it depends on the perception, the form in which the moments pass.

This is sometimes caused by the pranks of the Spirit, which is commonly called the "Time Thief".

His main entertainment is to play with you when you are boring or depressed, time passes more slowly in despondency. And when you are having fun, you are happy - time flies by.

In order not to lose our common sense, we cannot live in entertainment for more than twenty years.

When I was little, it all seemed like a silly ghost story, but now, when I analyze my life, I begin to guess the truth of the story. I remember the names of my teachers beautifully and distinctly, as if it were yesterday.

While I continue to see my memories, I feel the clock ticking by, I guess that it was only a second, a period of time that I thought about, the fact is that my memory is very boring or the Time Thief is reluctant to steal these moments.

In the end, I find myself at the interview again, they do not give me a job, but it doesn’t matter, it’s just a matter of time.

© Copyright: Maria Yaroslavskaya, 2013

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story from the book "The Time Thief", illustrations made by Mexican engraver Sergio Sanchez Santamaria

Storyteller: Werner Colombani (Mexico)

Translation: Maria Yaroslavskaya (Russia)


Rodrigo was familiar with all the collection agencies, department stores and banks, they made his life filled with instant gratification: money and plastic cards.

It became easy for him to spend with a credit card! He bought a car and a house, even borrowed a washing machine. All he got was paying fifty pesos a week for five years.

Martin showed low purchasing power, lived in a small apartment with his wife and son, a schoolboy. The lack of furniture was compensated by the abundance of books, of which there were more than a hundred. They created disorder and filled the space.

Rodrigo could not sleep for a long time every night, after conversations with his wife. To relieve the stress that caused the question: "How will we pay on loans?", He closed his eyes only to review all the debt they had, in the end, the dream won, giving the illusion that one day he would win a big sum in the lottery ...

Martin fell asleep every night the same way after talking with his wife. They discussed philosophical questions to which only you yourself can find the answer. Practicing self-knowledge and trying to get closer to the truth, they lay down in their little bed and were given hugs, caresses and the desire to possess a loved one.

Martin closed his eyes and floated with the passage of time. Insomnia receded after the illusion that tomorrow would be a new day full of thoughts, because it’s so wonderful to just live.

Rodrigo was awakened by the screams of his wife, which aroused anger in him, but gave strength to get up. He had breakfast in silence with his son, so that after, seizing the moment, he would wash, get dressed and take heavy steps to his car to leave for work.

Martin woke up between the mischievous kisses of his wife, which aroused sensuality even twenty years later, after the wedding, had breakfast in the company of his son and his beloved, over the stories in which he always described his bus rides, six stops from his home to work.

-Dad, are you happy? asked Rodrigo's son.

-Do you think I have a great job? I am stressed all day, after that I am obliged to talk with your mother, she gets me, talking about how I pay for all this: I bought all the best that could happen to you, the result of the conversation with your mother is that I die in order to get the debt off me! - answered Rodrigo, not paying attention to the young age of his son.

-Dad, are you happy? - asked Martin's son.

-Since you ask me, I will answer: I have a wonderful son, I managed to find the best wife that can be, I have my books and these tireless conversations about what I went through, the passion with which I did it ! Nobody can take this away from me! I am a free man, my son, because freedom consists in the ability to appreciate things that no one can take away from you, - Martin answered, trying to give advice to his son.

When Rodrigo was on his deathbed, a slab appeared to his last gaze:

"Rodrigo, father and husband, are eternal debtors."

When Martin was on his deathbed, he saw the inscription on his slab: "Martin is a free man."

© Copyright: Maria Yaroslavskaya, 2013

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