Story for Valentine's Day

Story for Valentine's Day. We met when I was not and 15. She was a little older than me. After talking for about a week, I realized that I could not pay due attention to her, and she did not attract me then. We broke up. The next time we met only a year later. I already had the experience of meeting people like her. I didn't really want to date her.

I came to her with the thought “to endure, to fall in love”. Within a couple of months I realized how positively it affects me - I became more confident in myself; I began to wear clothes that I would never have worn before, and all the time I was in a great mood.

Years have passed. I can't imagine my life without her. We meet 3 times a week. I really miss and want her on other days.

When I come to her, I take her right away. My favorite position is when she's on top. Although I never refuse other positions. Every time she sucks all the juices out of me. Insatiable. She doesn't even mind serving me and my friend at the same time and in turn. True, there is a stupid habit of hanging around your neck. She gets fat all the time, but I love it. She has a lot of girlfriends with whom I also have fun. A happy future awaits us.