Cool story in the minibus))

A funny story in a minibus)) - such an almost innocent story:

"The minibus is almost full. A guy comes in at the stop. He gives the driver 10 rubles for the ride and gets change - 1 ruble. The ruble slips out of his hands and falls under the grandmothers' seats. The guy bends down, tries to find change and, unexpectedly, farts. In the minibus there is quiet laughter, chuckle.

And one of the grandmothers says to the other: "And it was worth tearing your ass out for the ruble!" The minibus explodes with laughter. The guy turns crimson and asks to stop the minibus. A minute later, a respectable lady enters the minibus. The minibus continues to laugh. The lady begins to examine herself nervously. Maybe they are laughing at her? Then the grandmothers, rolling with laughter, begin to tell the lady the story of the ruble. The lady also begins to laugh and then snot flies out of her nose and hits the grandmothers ... The lady asks to stop the minibus. We go further, rolling with laughter.

The driver also laughs with everyone, takes out cigarettes, lights a cigarette, opens the hatch above his head. Blowing smoke into the hatch, he turns to the grandmothers: "Doesn't it blow under the hatch (for the bastards)?" The salon explodes with another fit of laughter. The driver, realizing what he said, falls out of the cab, dancing and dying. The same minibus 20 minutes later.

Minibus with the final stop "Sakharny village". Everyone sat down, the seats are occupied ... The driver started the car ... Then the grandmother opens the door ... And then he asks the driver: "Honey, is your sugar end?" A slight giggle passed along the minibus ... The driver answered without hesitation: "I don't know, I haven't tried it!" An open rzhach went on the minibus! The grandmother, having examined the salon with a hawkish gaze, realized that there were no empty seats ... And holding out 10 rubles. drove said: "Take me standing!". The driver falls out of the cab into a snowdrift and shakes in a hysterical fit ... "