Interesting story for birthday

Interesting story for birthday - which is narrated by a rather cheerful girl - read in general)

I woke up very joyful and with a smile on my face, I went into the kitchen thinking, what will my wife give me? But she even forgot to congratulate me.

- Not a fig to myself - I thought - well, nothing. Children won't forget

But the kids forgot too.

Can you imagine with what feelings I drove to work. But when I entered my office, the secretary Julia told me tenderly:

- Good morning, Chief. Happy Birthday!

And I felt a little better. Somewhere in the middle of the day, Julia knocked on me and said:

"Chef, let's go have lunch together! It's your birthday!"

And we went. After the third martini, Julia said:

- Chief, let's go to my house. After all, there is no work at work, and you have a birthday!

And we drove off. When we arrived, Julia whispered in my ear:

- Chief, sit here on the sofa, and I'll go and put on something more comfortable!

And she left.

Five minutes later, the door opened and Julia entered with a cake, followed by my wife, children, parents, mother-in-law, colleagues, friends and many others.

And I sat naked on the couch and thought: FIRE THE BITCH!