A true story from the USA that hit the pages of newspapers

A real story from the United States, which got on the pages of newspapers, that I hope will teach at least someone that dark deeds will not lead to anything good, but to understand this we read the article:

The wedding is organized for 300 guests. The official ceremony is now over and it's time to celebrate. The groom went up to the podium to make a solemn speech to the assembled guests. He thanks everyone who came and supported during the wedding, especially those who came from afar.

I would especially like to express my gratitude to the family and relatives of the bride who organized and are present at this wonderful wedding. Many thanks to everyone for the gifts and for everything they did. He would like to present a gift to each of the guests personally from himself, therefore, a gift for everyone is attached to the seat of each chair, from below, - an envelope. He asks everyone to open the envelopes.

Inside each envelope was an 8x10 cm photograph of the groom's witness having sex with the bride. The groom suspected these two and used the services of a private detective, who conducted an investigation a few weeks before the official date.

Then the groom stood a little longer on the podium to observe the reaction of those present, then turned to the witness and said: "F @ ck you", after which he turned to his bride and said: "F @ ck you". Then he looked at the stunned guests, said, "I'm getting out of here, " and left.

... he filed for a divorce next Monday.

Unlike most couples, who, having received such information, immediately break off any relationship, this man calmly "withstood" all the wedding preparations and the solemn ceremony without batting an eye.

The results of his "cold" revenge:

For the bride's parents, the cost of organizing a wedding celebration for 300 guests was $ 35, 000.

He informed everyone of what had happened.

But the best thing was that he exposed the bride and the witness to shame, showing their "true face" in the presence of all their friends and family in full force (parents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, nephews, etc.).

P.S. Handsome, what can you say