How to captivate a young man in the village with his grandmother? Of course, a girl!

I often read funny stories about youth. So I decided to share my own. It's not very long. I hope you will enjoy.

The beginning of the two thousandth. In the spring, after finishing ninth grade, I turned 16. Then I just wanted to go out with friends, but my parents sent me to my grandmother in the village for a month. She was already old and grandpa could not cope with all the household chores. Those. I was sent to labor work. Then it seemed to me to be sent to a real hard labor, although now I don't think about it that way anymore. In the evenings I went to the river to swim and sunbathe. I often baked potatoes in ash. But what did I miss? Communication, of course.

It was already mid-June in the yard. Grandmother instructed to paint an old wooden shed and a fence, while carefully highlighting a can of paint. Of course, this can was not enough for me, so I went to the store for the same one. The saleswoman in the store was a charming girl.

- Good morning ... or afternoon ...

- Good

- I would have paint blue. Not bright blue, but with shades of green. Such a dark one.

- That is the same color as the stain on your nose?

They laughed. I bought the paint. I told her something else for about 20 minutes. Lil supposedly funny nonsense on beautiful ears.

I've never painted anything so quickly. I thought that it would take a day and a half only for the first coat of paint, but no - everything was ready by the evening.

I cleaned it, washed it and dashed off to the store. I walked the sweet saleswoman to her house.

And so June passed: work in the morning and at lunchtime, and whiled away the evenings on joint walks with a charming girl from a rural shop.

I asked my parents for the whole summer. So I spent it with my grandparents and a shop assistant.

It turned out that she went to college in the fall in the city where I lived. Such coincidences simply do not exist! I remember that at the beginning of the holidays I didn’t have enough communication, but I did very well to “talk”. Four years later, I married this lovely saleswoman. She did not allow her photo to be posted. My wife found this picture on the Internet. By the way, she looks like my wife.