An interesting parable "THE SNAKE IN THE MOUNTAIN"

An interesting parable "THE SNAKE IN THE MOUNTAIN" in which one man, wishing to take revenge on another, decided to buy a snake, hoping to arrange it so that it would sting his offender. For this, at night, so that no one would see him during this occupation, he went to the snake catcher. Hastily choosing the first snake that came across, he paid for the goods and decided to put it in his bosom to hide his unseemly intentions from prying eyes. He hoped to soon meet with his abuser and arrange so that the snake bites him. But fate decreed otherwise, and he did not soon wait for the long-awaited meeting. Because of this, he was forced to carry this reptile everywhere with him in order to carry out his plan when meeting with the offender.

When they finally met, he fulfilled his plan. The offender cried out in pain.

- Why are you shouting? The man asked. - I'm not crying.

- Why should you cry? - rubbing his sore hand, asked the bitten one.

- What? Look at my body, it's all bitten by this creature, which I had to carry with me everywhere while I was waiting to meet you in order to give you what you deserve, ”the man replied, unbuttoning his shirt to show his wounds. - It's good that it turned out to be non-toxic.

- So what? It was worth it? - asked the bitten one.

When people are offended, they do themselves great harm. Carrying a grudge in your heart is like carrying a snake in your bosom.