Cool plot in the lines of one Rapper)

A cool plot in the lines of one Rapper) - I don't know if there are fans of hip-hop culture on the site, but still decided to throw it out because the text is funny and should please everyone ...

This is a text clipping from the track: Slavs - no lava

Thoughts of a different nature visit my head

how to push on the X5 there were more reasons

how to buy all brothers according to Evolyushin

and lobsters and sushi, eat your own dinner.

If there were babos, I would have fun in Sochi

would not punish days and nights, in the working area

or maybe not in Sochi, but for example in Nice

would not run after me, the metropolitan police

Dancing around the penthouse with a cigar imposingly

or from morning to evening, drank whiskey on the beach

and so there is no rich dad and uncle of the deputy

I'll kick in peace, paycheck to paycheck.

Tachichka on credit and for a three-ruble apartment

Patients in the salon in the bardacheck *** shki

I do what I can, to the blatnik chorus

I'm telling you that I don't have a little bench ...