A little story with the truth of life

A little story with the truth of life, so appreciate the people who value you no matter where you are or what position you occupy.

Let's start:

She said: you have an ugly body.

He went swimming and received a master of sports.

She said you lack masculinity.

He went to the army and returned scarred and with a medal of courage.

She said: you are stupid.

He graduated from university and graduate school, defended his dissertation and wrote a book.

She said you can't provide for me.

He dropped out of science, mortgaged an apartment and opened his own business, which two years later began to bring in a good income.

She said: you are an office rat.

He became interested in diving, snowboarding and street racing.

She said: you are greedy.

He bought her a house on Rublevka and Ferrari.

She said: business has made you a callous, soulless person.

He sold everything he owned, closed the office and used all the money to build shelters for the poor.

He came to her - overgrown, in old jeans, thinner and hungry, with a bunch of forget-me-nots in his hand.

She said: why are you messing around? Well, I don’t love you, I don’t love you!