An interesting story of the creator of Porsche with God)

Interesting story of the creator of Porsche with God) Read no comments ...

The inventor of the Porsche car dies and appears in heaven before the holy Apostle Peter, who says to him:

- Ferdinand Porsche, for your great services in the automotive industry, I will fulfill any of your wishes.

He thinks and answers:

“Let me talk to the Lord.

The Apostle Peter nods, brings him to the Throne Room and presents him to God.

Porsche asks him:

- Great God, what were you thinking when you created a woman?

- What do you mean? - the Lord wonders.

“You see, ” Porsche replies, “your invention is rife with errors.

Take a look yourself:

1. Aerodynamics of the front part is poor.

2. The noise level is prohibitively high.

3. It requires interruptions in operation from five to six days a month.

4. The rear is too loose.

5. She should constantly update her style.

6. The exhaust pipe is too close to the filler valve.

7. Spotlights are often too large.

8. Depreciation costs are prohibitive.

9. The costs of repairs are incomparable with the benefits of subsequent use.

The Lord thinks and answers:

- Ferdinand, it may well be that all this is so, but according to statistics, more men use my invention, not yours ...