Interesting story about a girl and a trader

An interesting story about a girl and a trader which appeared on one popular website for traders, a letter from a 25-year-old girl appeared, who literally writes the following:

What to do? I am a beautiful, cheerful, intelligent 25-year-old girl. I am not from Moscow. I want to marry a guy who earns at least 200 thousand dollars a year, because I want to be able to stay at home with our future children.

I understand how it sounds, but 200 thousand a year is the income of the middle class in Moscow today, so it's not too much. Are there guys on this site who make $ 200K a year or more, or their wives? Tell me!

I met with a businessman who earns about 50-100 thousand a year, but I said to myself: Stop! 100 thousand will not bring me to a house in the center of Moscow.

This is what interests me in particular:

1. Where do you single rich men spend your free time? Give me the addresses: bars, restaurants, gyms.

2. What age should I be guided by (I'm 25)

3. Why are some women who lead luxurious lives so simple? I saw really "simple women", boring, with whom there is nothing to talk about; but they are married to incredibly wealthy men. And I've seen damn attractive girls bored alone in a bar. What's the matter here?

I would not be looking for the guy I am looking for if I were not absolutely sure that I could suit him in all respects: appearance, culture, intelligence, ability to manage and keep the warmth of the hearth.

Her letter did not go unnoticed: and the guy who earns more than half a million a year responded to her proposal as a real financier and trader:

I read your post with great interest and thought carefully about your dilemma. I offer an analysis of your predicament. Firstly, I am not wasting your time: I fit your requirements, as I earn more than 500 thousand dollars a year. And this is how I see it all. Your proposal, from the point of view of a guy like me, is definitely a bad deal, and here's why:

Throwing away everything unnecessary from your letter, you offer a simple deal: you offer your beauty in exchange for my money. Perfectly. But here's the problem: your beauty will fade, and my capital will only grow ... in fact, the likelihood of my capital increasing is very high, but you will definitely not become more beautiful!

So in the language of economics, you are a depreciating asset, and I am a profitable asset. And you are not just a depreciating asset, your value is falling faster and faster! Let me explain: you are now 25, and you will probably attract the attention of men for another 5 years, but every year less and less. At 35 no one will look at you.

Here on the stock exchange, we would call you a "trading position, " and marrying you is like "buy and hold." But buying you (which is what you're asking) is bad business, so I'd rather rent. If my words seem cruel to you, think about this. If my money disappears, so will you; so when your beauty fades, I will need a way to get out of this asset. It's very simple. So a deal that makes sense is dating, not wedding.

I would also like to note that in my early career I learned a lot about market efficiency. And I am surprised that such a “beautiful, funny, smart”, like you, still hasn’t found a “sugar daddy”. I find it hard to believe that for such an attractive girl, as you describe yourself, there has not yet been found $ 200 thousand a year.

By the way, you can always find a way to make money yourself: then we wouldn't have to have this difficult conversation. In general, I want to say that you are on the right track - the classic "squeeze and throw" strategy. I hope I helped you. Yes, if you are ready to discuss any rental options - let me know!