Money is not happiness - an interesting story about a rich man

Happiness is not in money - an interesting story about a rich man and a ribolov who have two views on life and one of them is truly happy and the other only thinks so. We read who is who below.

One rich man, taking a moment between business, walked along the seashore. And he was shocked to see that some fisherman was lying near the boat and smoking a pipe.

- Why don't you fish? The rich man asked.

“I've caught enough for today.

“Why don’t you catch even more?”

- What will I do with the extra fish?

- You will earn more money. You can buy yourself a boat motor to sail further out to sea and catch even more fish. Then you can buy yourself a nylon net, catch more fish, make more money. Then you will have the opportunity to buy two boats ... and even a whole armada of boats. You will become as rich as I am.

- What's next?

- You will really start enjoying life.

- What do you think I'm doing now?