A note on the fridge from mom (A funny story)

A note on the refrigerator from mom - a little funny story that happened to be seen with an inveterate gamer and his positive mommy)

Dear son!

If you are reading this page now, it means that you have finally run out of internet. Don't try to call our ISP or dig into your browser settings.

You need to do the following:

Go to the pharmacy on the corner, buy medicine for grandfather - the recipes are in the hallway, on the nightstand under the mirror. In addition, go to the "penny" - take two packages of 1.5% milk, a sliced ​​loaf and a pack of tea. At the vegetable kiosk, which is next to the bus stop, buy a couple of kilograms of potatoes, a pound of onions and a head of cabbage. Save all receipts.

I forgot my cell phone. Call your dad at work, tell him the photos won't be ready today. Also tell me that I asked him to pick up the laundry on the way home. Before calling, run the program with the phone icon (on the desktop in the upper right corner) and write down daddy

response to a file with * .wav extension.

Do your homework - even though you were given one math, this is not a reason to put it off until late at night. The pages of the textbook are 116, 121 and 118. Keep in mind that in the third problem you need to create an equation, and not fit the answer at the end (besides, there is a typo in it). By the way, no answers are given to the rest of the problems.

After that, start cleaning your room. When you put everything in its place, count all the details of the constructor in a plastic jar, the number of disks with toys on the shelf, how many cars and bionicles in the box.

After that, you can open a browser and enter the received numbers, separated by dots, into the address bar http: //.

You will be presented with a table for managing the accounts of our home subnet. To get access to changing it, enter the answers for the second, third and first tasks from the textbook in the "password" box.

Find our IP in the left column and carefully enter into the window next to it (where the payment method is a card) the last two digits from store receipts (from the code at the very bottom): common for vegetables, tea, milk + bread, sustak, flexalis + motherwort tincture. Fill in the remaining space with zeros and press the "OK" button.

After that, you can continue using the Internet. If an evil uncle suddenly calls, he will say that he is a "system administrator" and will swear into the phone, scroll to him a record of his father's answer from the file.

I hope you succeed. And I will come in the evening and tell you a story about how one little hacker at the head of her group once broke the servers of Microsoft and Arab terrorists.

Kisses to Mom!