Colin Farrell's instructive story

An instructive story by Colin Farrell. When I met her, she was studying at the university. She was incredibly beautiful. Her hair, figure, look - nothing could leave you indifferent. She was so graceful that at times it seemed as if she had come down from heaven. Everything was perfect with us. As if someone wrote the script of our relationship, along which we moved. Everything was fine, as it should. We enjoyed every minute and day we spent together. This went on for five years. And then, like any normal girl, she began to think about what would happen next.

I tried in every possible way to stop these conversations, since everything that was happening at that moment was fine with me. But alas. She wanted to feel confident, she wanted seriousness, she wanted a family. FAMILIES. Men, you know what I'm talking about. Naturally, I was only twenty-three years old, what kind of family can we talk about? I was scared. I left, let her go. I finished everything without even letting it start. Now I'm 33. It's been 10 years. During this time, I had different relationships, which did not lead to anything. I have a child, the result of a ten-day affair ...

I have been married for less than six months ... Now I am expecting my second child. But I don't want to live with these women. I ... I don't live by them. I do not like. I live in the past. Memories of what happened then, ten years ago. I live it ... And you know what? I'm a complete idiot. I "fucked up" my happy life. Therefore, never think: "maybe" ... There is only what is now. And the people who are around just have to be. Just never be afraid.

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