About reduction

What you need - for learning and saving time.

Conditions: posture - sitting, good lighting, printed book - since you need to use your index finger to move around the text in a zigzag pattern, which increases the speed by 20%


-Analytical - slow, you need to think about information that is new

- Introductory - fast. In the system of assimilated knowledge

-Searching - super fast. Search for key information in a large text


1. Capture more than one word at a time with your eyesight

2. Immediately assimilate the text and not go back to the information we think we missed

3. Use the hand that guides the eyes along the text

4. Stop mentally pronouncing words (how to learn: hold a pencil between your lips or read faster than you can pronounce in your head)

5. Constant practice


⁃ use the information read

⁃ to think over what has been read in parallel - our ozg allows this

⁃ concentrate on the text and not think about unnecessary

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