How to choose a hat

It is believed that the hat is a headdress for the elite. Many men believe that this headdress does not suit them, and they are mistaken. Hats suit absolutely everyone, you just need to choose the model that will suit you. In the Shlyapka online store, you can pick up a hat of any style, as well as a color and wallet for every taste.

It is a pity that this headdress has become so rarely worn, since a man in a hat looks very stylish, elegant, intelligent and very masculine. Different models of hats differ in the width of the brim, the height and narrowing of the crown, and the width of the ribbon. Depending on the width, height and other parameters, they can look very impressive or, on the contrary, completely unsuitable for their owner.

The hat must be measured in order to determine how much it suits you. At the same time, look at its proportions: does it frame the face, does it look too small or, on the contrary, excessively large. Men with large faces should pay attention to large hats, narrow-faced men should try on a hat with a narrow crown and wide brim; if you have a large nose, then you need to focus on a model with a wide crown; wide-brimmed hats hide protruding ears.

The hat should be worn with a slight tilt to the side, only a couple of degrees, no more. People with a high forehead should not push it to the back of the head. The hat should fit snugly around your head, otherwise it will be blown away by the wind and will fall off if you bent over. However, it should not squeeze either. It is most reasonable to buy this headdress, after all, in a store, where you can touch it, try it on, evaluate how well it goes. If your size is not, then you can take a hat a little larger than you need, but not less. Good hats have a leather rim that makes them fit over the head. The small hat can be stretched, but it is much more difficult.

It is best if it is in harmony with the clothes, but it is not necessary to suck it to match it, it is enough if the spectrum is combined. For example, a gray coat can be worn with a black hat, and a brown coat with a dark green one. And remember that when entering the room you need to take off your hat, however, if you are going to stay there for a long time (at the cinema, the opera, at work). If you entered the premises for a short time, for example, to the store, then you do not need to take it off. When greeting friends, you need to raise the hat a little, we think about how to do this you have seen more than once in the movies.