Tourism and recreation in Canada

Canada is a multicultural country. Canada is the second largest country in the world in North America. It consists of ten provinces and three territories. There are two official languages ​​- English and French. Canada is part of the G8. The capital is Ottawa.

If you want to move to Canada permanently, or immigrate to Canada from Israel and other European countries. You can rest assured that this is the country that welcomes new residents with open arms.

There are a lot of interesting parks and reserves in Canada that are worth taking a look at. The most famous landmark in Canada is Niagara Falls. This is a fifty-meter waterfall that can be heard from tens of meters away. The real personification of the power of nature. The oldest park Banff attracts with the beauty of its lakes and glaciers, rocky mountains and coniferous forests. Thanks to Mother Nature, a ski resort was opened in Banff National Park. One of the three largest zoos in the world is also located in Canada, in the city of Toronto. In total, the length of all trails is ten kilometers. Beautiful coniferous forests, together with their inhabitants, are spread out in the Canadian Jasper Nature Reserve. It is considered one of the most visited parks in Canada. Another interesting park is Wood Buffalo Park, where bison live and breed calmly. Now their number exceeds two and a half thousand. For lovers of everything unusual, there is Yoho Park in Canada. The peculiarity of Yoho National Park is not only in the beauties of nature, but also in their names. It is rare where you can find a waterfall with the name "That's great!" It is believed that the Thousand Islands National Park are pieces of a shattered paradise that fell to sinful earth. The park is located between the cities of Kingston and Brockville.

Canada is a highly cultured country, not the least of which is art. The Ontario Art Gallery is one of the largest in North America. In Montreal, in the Gallery of Art Reproduction, you can see many high quality reproductions of world famous oil paintings. And in the Gallery "Three Points", which is also located in Montreal, you can see a variety of works in the field of contemporary art. There is also the opportunity for young artists in Montreal to showcase their work through the Dare Dare Gallery. One of the oldest in Canada is the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Canada is a welcoming and large country where everyone will find something that will win their hearts and captivate their minds.