Sugar depilation

From time immemorial, women have removed unwanted hair, using all methods known to them on different parts of the body, and one of these methods was sugar depilation or shugaring.

As we can already understand from the name, sugar depilation is depilation with sugar, or rather sugar syrup, which should contain only natural ingredients. Sugar waxing can be done both in the salon and at home, but if you are doing this for the first time, then it is better to go to the salon and see how the master conducts this procedure.

The sugar method of hair removal helps to forget about unwanted hair for three weeks, you must admit, not a bad result.

Sugar depilation can be done both on the legs and arms, and in more intimate and painful areas - in the bikini area, in the armpit and on the face, where depilation is most painful, of course, not counting laser hair removal, with this method the hair is removed easily and painless, but prices for laser hair removal are much higher than for shugaring.

How shugaring is done

As we have already said, sugar depilation is carried out in the salon, where the beautician heats up a sugar paste, which consists of sugar and cane sugar with the addition of water, lemon juice and sometimes vitamins, but it is also possible without vitamins. The composition of the paste should contain only environmentally friendly components, there should be no fragrances, various carcinogens and other "chemistry".

While the paste is heating up, the master treats the skin with lotion, then water, then wipes it dry and sprinkles with talcum powder. After that, he kneads a piece of soft paste in his hands and applies it to the treated skin. When the paste is applied, a linen strip is applied to it, which comes off along with the sugar paste in the direction of the hair. Thus, you will not have broken hairs, and the pain will be much less, we can say that there will be practically no them at all.

During the procedure, it is best to use gloves. Giwea synthetic and natural latex medical examination gloves manufactured by WRP, Malaysia -, would be an excellent option. These gloves are not only distinguished by their durability, but also are inferior in price to similar ones.

In addition, sugar depilation not only relieves you of unwanted hairs, but also removes dead skin cells, which means that your skin is renewed.

But we must remember that after shugaring you should not visit the sauna, beach, solarium and play sports for 12 hours, but this is not such a big minus, especially if you do the procedure in the morning, then by the evening you can already enjoy life in all its manifestations.


Sugar depilation, like any other procedure, has contraindications that you need to know.

So, for example, shugaring cannot be done with diabetes mellitus, epilepsy and varicose veins. Also, shugaring is contraindicated for those who have dermatitis or allergic reactions to the components of the paste, especially if honey is present in the paste.